donderdag 16 mei 2019


We come to SL to escape from all the rules in RL I hear often.
And yet there are whole communities roleplaying. One would say that is great: thats an escape.
But there are more rules in RP then there are in RL. You can't say "I want this or that".
You must say something like this: "Fairy looks at those fine apples and wants to eat one"
I love fantasy worlds and sims where people that are into fantasy worlds can meet, but I don't need those tight rules.
There are on those sims people that act like the "Roleplay Police" correcting you all the time.
We don't need to write a novel, right?
I have never found a sim/community in SL for free souls and into fantasy worlds.
Comments are welcome.

Oh yes... I wanted to blog about this amazing dress I found at the "We <3 roleplay" event, made by Zenith.
I know Zenith shop for a long time, she always makes amazing stuff.
Look how this dress is draped on the floor.
Pure art.
You have to use your Maitreya HUD on the alpha though, but thats why I have this awesome waist, LOL!

Love & Light (and please comment on the roleplay subject)

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