donderdag 29 november 2018

Rezz damn!

Oops sorry for the phrase! I will explain:

I have two Altamura avatars and I am having rezzing trouble with them. I am refreshing my appearance a dozen times and sometimes that even won't work. The texture on the face stays blurry. Does anyone have the same problem? What to do about it?
I also have Catwa heads, Lelutka heads and Genus heads and with them I never have that problem.
Anyway..... credits:
All gifts in here: the jacket with boa is an old groupgift from !gO!, the legging was a groupgift from Scandalize, sneakers were a lucky letter gift from AdN design and the pose was a huntgift from Fashiowl.

Love, Light and no rezzproblems,

dinsdag 27 november 2018


It is so nice to explore winter sims these days.....

Today I visited SNOW FALLS which is very well done: atmosphere that makes you put on your bodywarmer sitting inside blogging, so well done!
For now there are not many free places to take pictures, as it seems that whole the world has discovered this place at once, hahaha! but traffic will smooth down coming weeks when more winterlands are available, for sure.
I took Clumsy with me because, as you can see, his paw is still not any better (I am starting to think he might not recover, because I carry him around all the time under my warm puffy coat *winks*)
Anyway.... the credits:
My warm winter hat is a gacha item from !gO.
The puffer jacket is from SEUL and called Robyn.
My snowflake leggings are from Pixicat.
Last but not least: Clumsy was born @ Black Bantam before I adopted him.

So sorry Black Bantam, I posted it before with another shop name for the dog; giving Black Bantam the credits for my spoiled little dog now.

Love and Light,

maandag 26 november 2018

Changing seasons......

and time to change myself to my winter faun outfit again......

This outfit dates from a year ago and I still like it very much.
The winter branches outfit is from Moon Amore and my hair is from EMO-tions (please make a mesh version Mirja: I still like it very much but it is counting too much on my avie). The antlers with owl: *coughs* I don't know... shop names are like hyroglyphes sometimes. It might have been in a hunt. Yes I think it was a hunt item. My elf ears are awesome and with an extended HUD: you can change from elf ears, pixie ears to human ears, all pierced and each piece of Jewellery can be changed.
The ear tips can be changed from frosty to summer. Get them @ Mandala ( I hope the landmark is still accurate)
My cute fox is from JIAN. (It is in snow fox too; I really have to get it, lol)

Love & Light

zondag 25 november 2018

Pug love....

I am always happy when I have my pets around.

I never had dogs this small though.
I had two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and the smallest dogs were Jack Russels.
I think pugs are cute but a not natural breed; they have breathing problems as a result.
Anyway.... another outfit I scored for 50% down: skirt from Blueberry (YAY! I finally managed to tp there) and my cute pug top is from Vinyl.
I love black friday!
Looking already forward to the Advent calendars, hahaha!
I will keep you updated!

Love & Light,

vrijdag 23 november 2018

About Black Friday madness......

And not being able to TP to your favourite shops, because the regions are full.

It is a PITA, especially when you have things to do in RL too.
Anyway, I managed to TP to two of my favourite shops and got myself this outfit.
Top is a fatpack with a great extended HUD to change the shirt itself, the sleeves and the print.
Fatpacks 50 % off at FakeIcon.
The shorts are from Villena and were 50 % off too.

Love and Light,

dinsdag 20 november 2018

A Goth Christmas.....

In the meantime........

While you all are celebrating Thanksgiving a designer and/or blogger has to look forward.
I found this awesome over the top dress (which is totally me!) at irrISIStible shop a while ago and now is the time to show you all.
Skip that turkey and get into the Christmas mood! (He will be thankfull)

Love and (candle)Light,

vrijdag 16 november 2018


I don't know about them......

There is one club that has huge traffic but I will be honest: Let me make you a club and it would look totally different and way more awesome. Why has this club for at least a year the highest traffic in SL? In my opinion it is very simple: traffic attracts traffic.
So come one people: lets make a change: Make an awesome club and I will help you supporting it.
Bluesclubs are boring. (OOPS! did I say that? hahaha)
I dont like to have a choice between one and the same club to go to to meet people.
You know which club I am talking about when you do a search for places and type in clubs or blues or music. Fogbound is always first.

We need to clear up the fog and have a fresh breeze through SL.

FakeIcon for the jacket and the jeans, me for the glasses, book and shirt, Villena for the fishnets and !gO! for the hair.

Love & Light,

donderdag 15 november 2018


The fear of running out of things to read.

Which is almost true for my RL me: I read everything from SciFi and Fantasy books in english and my own native language to glossies.
Happens that I have this template mesh dress to make my own texts on, which is so much fun to do!

Coat : FakeIcon
Skin Applier: Deetalez for Genus heads: free in the Enchantement hunt
Nerdy glasses: old Circus Noir item.

Love & Light,

woensdag 14 november 2018

Shhhhh... don' t tell her where we are going.

(*whispers in your ear* we are going to the VET)

You see her arm ? Yeah it is in a sling!
My poor darling.


Chichuahua ~ Pretty hurts sling cream ~ Black Bantam (no RARE's in this Gacha YAY!!)
Dress: Goal Digger Dress: Free lucky board gift ~ Cynful
Hair: !gO! Akiko beret & hair Rose
Ciggie: That guy I met at the VET (who was trying to calm me down and did not know I stopped smoking years ago....DAMN!)

Love, Light and LOL,

vrijdag 9 november 2018

freebee's again!

For the ones patient enough to wait for their lucky letter:

The wrap mini dress is a lucky board item at Insomnia shop.
The hair is a Truth groupgift.
Sneakers were part of a MM gift at AdN Designs.
The yoyo was a huntgift from Blow Up shop.

Love & Light

woensdag 7 november 2018

forbidden fruit and shifted poles....

Summer was the hottest in here and in spite of what governments make you believe for me it is due to the fact that poles on earth has shifted......
Come on people, it is not the CO2

Watch this:
 Inuit people

Headdress and belt Irrisistible.
Bikini top Dead Dollz

dinsdag 6 november 2018

hunting again.....

I have not finished the hunt yet but I really want to share this gift with you:

The first SL Free's and Offers hunt.
This is the Belle Epoque gift, which is awesome!
Keep an eye on this blog as there is more!
(pic taken at the shop)

Love &  Light

maandag 5 november 2018

In the desert.....

Under the hot sun, longing for water......

I found this really inspiring outfit @ GizSeorn, formally known as Gizza.
It reminds me of past summer which was the hottest ever and I already miss it. (Yeah I know one does not appreciate what one has: I did a few posts complaining about the heat.) Summer please come back!

Love & Light