zondag 29 juli 2018

Speaking about rigging....

Speaking about rigging... I just remembered I had that with hair from "Hairdesigner" (It is not my intention to make a blacklist)
I tried a demo and then wrote the maker a notecard; I am quoting:

Today I tried a demo of the Akia hair because I like it very much.
But when i wore it it seemed to disappear in my head at times, which means it is not rigged properly, so i decided not to buy it but to warn you.
I hope you can fix the problem.
I am wearing a Catwa Bento head.
Kind Regards,"

And guess.......
Indeed I never got an answer.

What should we do with these failures? Buy them and then when they are not right dump them?
I was a designer and I really liked feedback. Every designer can go wrong and is thankfull when their buyers tell them whats wrong.
Return the money and appologize for the inconvenience and start studying rigging once more!

Love & Light

The picture shows demo lines and is just for your information; not intended to do arty stuff.

Rigged the wrong way :-(

Got myself this awesome pop art body suit at Uber from Canimal.

I love it!
I wanted to pair it with an offshoulder bomber jacket and first shopped @ SEUL and tried a demo.
The result is seen on the left side of the picture. It was not rigged to the arms but to the upper legs(?)
At least it did not move with my half alpha stumps. In that case the jacket would need an arm pose as soon as you are wearing it.
That was not in the jacket either.
*scratches head and wonders how many of those they already sold?*
It seriously needs some work.

After that I went to Villena and scored this awesome offshoulder bomber, which is rigged the right way.
I paired it with the fishnet stockings I already had from Villena et voila! Don't I look awesome?

Love & Light

vrijdag 27 juli 2018

Don't mess with me bro....

I got myself a tough pair of boots!

I haven't been to COCO Designs in a while but stopped by today.
I was surprised to see that their old stuff (mesh standard sizes) are now in a separate part of the shop.
Prices are down 30 to 70%.
Thats where I got these cowboy boots. 
Shirt and skirt are from Blueberry.
I wont be blogging for a few days, as I am working this weekend and a lot next week too, but I will be back!

Love & Light

This weeks favourite.

I am showing you my favourite in this weeks 50 Lindens Friday:

It is the Flamingo made by Jian.
It comes in a whole flock: companion, wanderer and several static ones.
My outfit is a Midnight Mania one from AdN Designs.
Normally I don't wear jeans in SL (dull!) but this jeans outfit has a cute twist.
My hair is a group gift from D!va and the retro glasses are made by me. (Old Circus Noir item)

Love & Light

He did it again........

You guessed it...... he is such a shopaholic!
Look what he came up with this time:

Patchwork pants by WhatEver

Tank top:
Short tank with long loop by Gild

Vincenzo shoes by ZK

Love & Light,

donderdag 26 juli 2018

In my room.....

Staring at my fishbowl........

I really wanted to go out and swim, but it is 40 degrees Celcius outside and I am low on energy....
I put my finger in the bowl to make contact with my fish and I instantly switch back to the time I had a koi pond.
I had two fishes that at out of my hands. They even reacted when I got home and parked my Landrover near the pond.
Koi are sooo amazing!

Swim suit: Akuma Drops Shark week swim suit pink [RARE]
Floaties    : Akuma Drops Shark week floaties sky
Mineral water: ChicChica
Earphones: Astralia Yoga earphones

Love & Light,

Elephant dance......

Merlific Avatars: Baggy pants.
Belle Epoque: Workout bodysuit.
Hairdresser: same as him.

Red circus pants by WhatEver
Tank top:
Denis TankTop by Cubura (w/hud)
Hairdresser: ask her.

Love & Light,

Sending you a postcard......

Having so much fun here!

Shark swimsuit and shark floaties: Akuma Drops @ Gachaland. (yeah... i know you know i hate gatcha, but hey a swimsuit or floaties every pull in a different colour, so low risk gacha)

Shark: Jian.

Love & Light,

Hottest summer ever!

I am writing this blogpost in front of a fan with curtains closed.
It is hot.
And I mean really hot!
This week the temperature will hit 37 degrees Celcius.
Anyway..... I want to show you the Blueberry new groupgift: it is awesome.
It is named Mimi top tied mini dress and it comes with the full fatpack HUD.
I chose the colour that made me think of a water melon and paired it with my watermelon slippers.

Love, Light & coolness,

vrijdag 20 juli 2018

Back to Black.....

This time I took my best friend  shopping and I came up with this:

I know he likes colourfull stuff and he knows I like him in black too.
What do you people think?
I took him to Gild for his whole outfit and he got some group gifts there too.
Amazing stuff @ Gild!

Love & Light

It is that day again......

You guessed it! Fifty Linden Friday.

My favourites this week are:

Caboodle: latex suit with texture change HUD and
Reign: Lemon'y wedges with texture change HUD.

Love & Light,

woensdag 18 juli 2018

Real men wear pink......

I did some shopping with one of my best friends in SL and I want to show you  what he came up with:

Isn't he great?
He is so creative! His tanktop is from Cubura and is called Dennis, his thong is from [ADN] (I blogged that brand before because of the Midnight Mania and lucky chairs there) and is named Leandro. His boots are also from Cubura (Thomas)
I will blog about him more in future as he has great taste and is more daring then most male shoppers in SL, lol!

Love & Light

dinsdag 17 juli 2018

Colours of summer......

Hello, here is my freebee and cheapy queen again presenting you a whole outfit for L$ 20 !
You have to join the No.Match group for the free hair, which is L$ 50, but then you get this awesome dreadlock hairdo and some amazing past group gifts.
It is a fatpack of hair colours and two HUD's for changing the colour of the hair band.
The outfit contains of a workout bodysuit and a wrap around the hips which matches beautifully. They come in a mini hunt at Belle Epoque and are L$ 10 each.
Picture taken @ Tableau sim.

Love & Light,

zaterdag 14 juli 2018

Midnight Mania!

Every day I check the Midnight Mania boards @ AdN Designs.

I decided to do a post on this shop as the designer puts a new outfit on her MM boards every day and I have seen no one blog about it.
Time to highlight the designer of this shop: Adabetha Nayl.
This outfit is named Chenoa and I love the fringe detail at the top. Her designs vary from kinky to romantic and chique, so check the MM boards and many lucky chairs at AdN!
(Also for men many lucky chairs and a MM board.)

Sorry readers, you have to use search. I am doing a lot of advertising for designers for free.
You can always IM me inworld.
Also when a shop owner wants me to give a link, I will comply.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 13 juli 2018

Fifty Linden Friday

Still time left: see picture!

I don't think I translated the japanese sentence right, but the message is clear: Hurry to Cureless shop and get this awesome strawberry top!
I paired it with the girls night skirt from Blueberry.

Love & Light

Fastfood or not?

Thats the question............................

Meet my freebee queen avie.........
The other day I found this cute checkered skirt and jacket set as groupgift @ Seul.
Here I only wear the skirt with another groupgift I scored @ Shook. (Thanks Fabfree for blogging these items!)
My hair/cap is a groupgift from Truth and the phone is a gift from ChicChica @ Cosmpolitan event and last but not least.......my pet ferret is from Lindenlab outfits and comes with avatar named Petrol Sue!

Love & Light,

woensdag 11 juli 2018

We're all mad in here!

I always am in search for the most creative designers here in SL and one of my favourite designers is "psyqueen"; designer @ Moon Amore.

I love a little madness..... back in the "old" days when I had a shop myself I was more into silly outfits with twists and scripted wearable AFK stuff than into serious stuff.

This "Tea Ecstasy" outfit was a MUST buy for me. I mostly have a sort of cure for the "MUST buy" urge in me: I log off at the shop and allow myself some RL time.
When I still want to buy it when I log back on, then I am defeated by my urge: LOL.

My chesire cat is from Hextraordinary and my bunny ears and carrot are from Candy Kitten.

Love & Light,

dinsdag 10 juli 2018

It's the Sake!


I don't know how many sake's I drank, but when I stood up I felt..........wellllll.........kwait zrunkzzzz.....

Oooohhh!! now zeee room starts turning aroundzz me!!!

It all started @ the Kinky event. I remember buying this new pink kimono with removable top via HUD.
I remember the dress was from Una and there I started talking with this nice guy and ended up at this place in the picture.

Nope..... .can't fill in the gap.

Lovezzz and Lightzzzzz

vrijdag 6 juli 2018

Fifty Linden Friday !

Hello my lovely readers.
It is that day again: friday!
That means fifty linden friday and I always look for certain shops in that list.
Today Dead Dollz sells a wetsuit for L$ 50, which has two options: suit up and suit down with a bikini top.

I paired it with the Melon slippers @ Reign. They are also L$ 50.
Not bad right?

Love, light and splashes

woensdag 4 juli 2018

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Holliday my friends!

In this part of the world we don't celebrate this day, but we stand with you.
I got this cute free top from Dirty Princess and I paired it with my Villena sporty pants.
As a little extra I added fishnet stockings..........

Love and Light....

zondag 1 juli 2018

You don't know......

How valuable you are.....

I had this RL day with my friends, that I got to this realisation.
They are golden and they made my day.
In SL I have one friend that I have known since 5 years or so.
Our RL has gone busy, but we still meet in SL on a weekly base.
Friendship counts.

That saying...... after my friends left I strolled around a bit bored at BDC and found a backdrop that completely illustrated my day.
I always have this kind of connection stuff.

My dress is a group gift from Revolt and I paired it with my leather aviator jacket from Foxes.
My ciggie is from Nicotine (has an awesome animation in which you light your cigarette, smoke it until the end and throw it on the floor, light a new cigarette, etc. etc.)

To complete my punk look: ear piercings are from Mandala and hair is from Shi.

Love &  Light.....