woensdag 22 mei 2019


It never stops.

I have Catwa heads, Lelutka heads, Laq heads, Fiore heads, Genus heads;  I am a sucker for heads
(no pun intended, haha!), so I had to try out the new Logo head.
And wow I love it!
It took me ofcourse quite some time to make the shape I like best and testing out the HUD, but here is the result.

Outfit: Ygridd @ Enchantement event.

Love & Light

New Event: Flora!

As if we hadn't enough events, LOL!

And ofcourse I tped to the event. The region was crowded but not full yay!
I found this cute set with daisies I couldn't resist.
It is made by Una and in several other colours, all pastels.
The pose was a pose fair gift.

Love & Light,

donderdag 16 mei 2019


We come to SL to escape from all the rules in RL I hear often.
And yet there are whole communities roleplaying. One would say that is great: thats an escape.
But there are more rules in RP then there are in RL. You can't say "I want this or that".
You must say something like this: "Fairy looks at those fine apples and wants to eat one"
I love fantasy worlds and sims where people that are into fantasy worlds can meet, but I don't need those tight rules.
There are on those sims people that act like the "Roleplay Police" correcting you all the time.
We don't need to write a novel, right?
I have never found a sim/community in SL for free souls and into fantasy worlds.
Comments are welcome.

Oh yes... I wanted to blog about this amazing dress I found at the "We <3 roleplay" event, made by Zenith.
I know Zenith shop for a long time, she always makes amazing stuff.
Look how this dress is draped on the floor.
Pure art.
You have to use your Maitreya HUD on the alpha though, but thats why I have this awesome waist, LOL!

Love & Light (and please comment on the roleplay subject)

Hash in seven colours of the rainbow........

This event starts today and here is what Tiar has to offer:

A beautifull colourfull tent with single and couple animations.
Romantic and adult.

TAXI to Hash in 7 colours of the Rainbow.


Love & Light,

woensdag 15 mei 2019

It's May!

Let's get deals!

This event opens today!
A few days ago I showed you what Tiar has to offer on this event, but I will show you again:

TAXI to the event.


See you there!

Love & Light

maandag 13 mei 2019

There are devilish thoughts in the most angelic minds....

TIAR Newness that will make you look like an angel, but will cause devilish thoughts....
No one can resist this outfit which consists of a bralet, shorts, top, skirt and a pantie cover for if you really have to (LOL)

Event opens soon: Landmark will be given later.

https://www.facebook.com/tiarSL/ facebook
https://www.flickr.com/photos/94024813@N05/ Flickr

Love & Light, Fairy


But sometimes it's a good hurt
and it feels like I'm alive.
Love sings,
when it transcends the bad things. (Incubus)

This song made my heart jump of joy: it was released in a great summer full of happiness.
It was "our song". (RIP)

Bodysuit/arrows: Micamee groupgift.
Catears/whiskers:MMM gift Inner Demons
Collar: old gift Astralia
Hair: Lamb
Nails: Formanails Lucky Letter gift

Love & Light,

zaterdag 11 mei 2019

Fire cannot kill dragon.....

Great 30L Saturday items @ Jinx!
A dragon collar and this amazing dragon armpet.
For a total of only L$ 60 they can be yours!
While you are there have a look at all the other amazing creatures they sell: also big dragons, wolves and even a centaur attachement that can be worn on your avatar.
Don't buy something too impulsive though, as for a lot of items you must have a waterhorse first. They are addons for the waterhorse.
The centaur though can be worn directly. (There also was a very funny frog prince/princess avatar for sale.)
I enjoyed myself for quite some time wandering around.

Other credits:
Fire spitting dragon - Avalon Forge
Head dragon - Hextraordinary
Nails: Lucky letter gift - Formanails.

Love & Light

vrijdag 10 mei 2019

Why settle for a scooter.......

If you can have a car?

I have done about one half of the womenstuff hunt today and I have some great gifts to show you!

Starting with the pants: they are part of the gift of Lola's secret store. The " Dr. Martens" boots (I have them in RL too!) are from Lindy and my too cool for school top is from D2T Designs.
And then now girls: the car!! This aweseome car is from Optmus Race Mega store and you can really drive it!

The hair was a MM gift @ Besom.

Happy hunting!

dinsdag 7 mei 2019

Creepy timeloop......

This morning I tried to log in and I got the message that the system was still in a Log off proces.
Please try again in a few minutes. That was not possible as I was not online.
After a few minutes the log in worked and I went to the gacha garden to get the gifts.
After I got them all I tped to Lea Sandbox and stood there as my RL doorbell rang.
When I came back I was logged off (log off screen was me seen at another place, but I did not TP there).
The text said that I was logged off because I was trying to log in from another device.
I never experienced such a weird thing. I really wish I sat there watching those last minutes instead of running to the doorbell!
WEIRD! Like I was in a sort of sci-fi reversed timeloop.

OH! Another thing just happened: I withdrew 2 days of fishing which was L$ 58, got nothing but my HUD went back to zero.
Just one of those days.......

Rose rope harness: Tentacio
Leg rope: Moon Elixir
Poison pouch: Cubic Cherry @ We <3 Roleplay
Butterfly crown: Yokai  @ Gacha Garden (gift)
Thong: Universal thong gift @ Kaithleen's
Bento ringset: Idealia, gift @ Gacha Garden.

zondag 5 mei 2019


Who doesn't have them?

I have heared stories from being on the run for a stalking ex until simply forgetting your name and login information.
Myself I felt the need long ago to have a Fairy-like (me) avatar and a Gothly avatar.(Silly me, thats ofcourse also me)
For a long time that served my needs, until I started designing myself and needed models.
Strangely enough they became their own personalities with their own style of clothing.
(No, we are not schizophrenic, LOL) So when I now see a certain outfit I like, I know which of me would like it.
Weird how that can happen. It helps me with blogging too, so I don't have to have a full inventory on one avatar and the other has nothing to wear.
For sponsored blogging I have one contactperson. She is the most "normal" avatar and can have a lot of clothing.
It could come in handy though to make the clothing no-copy, no-modify, yes-transfer, in case the clothing fits better in one of my alts "theme".
When you have followed me for a while you have seen all kinds of roleplay avatars come by.
They are not all me, some are friends, but quite a few are.They are a way of expressing myself in different directions.

Credits: Tita dress Oil [Cubic Cherry] @ Make Me Blush event. (Only L$ 30!)
Elven Ears: Mandala
Hair: Tram.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 3 mei 2019

Early sundaymorning...........

And I arrived saturdaynight at my beach house.

How I love those early sunday mornings with the promise of a warm day coming and already at the beach in my beach house.
No traffic jam .... I woke up here, took a bath and now I am going to make a super healthy breakfast.
Still not quite awake and dreaming away.... mmmm those hot summer days.
This Valentina E dress is perfect for such a day and only 50 Lindens (also a FLF item); check the Seraphim blog.
You must be aware that it has this flaw too I blogged about yesterday.
Nonetheless worth the money, but hurry only today L$ 50 !

Love & Light


I found a gem at Fifty Linden Friday again!
This kimono-ish dress has exactly the colour I wanted!
The Rafflesia dress is sold at Eliavah. Pictures, slurls can be found on the Seraphim blog.
It is still early in US so there is plenty time to get it!

Shoes: Blueberry
Hair: Doe
Backdrop: Come Soon Poses

Love & Light

maandag 29 april 2019

SL flaws.....

Oh where do I start?

I remember back in the old days we had system skirts and they made your ass look really fat!
And OMG the stretching of the textures on the skirt *gulps*
So they found out the pants with a prim part which should "act" like a skirt. That primpart was a PITA.
Actually it were two sculpted parts linked to be placed between the legs with the same texture as the short pants.
Some textures did not work on primparts, like vertical stripes, dots and tartans.
Why? The AO makes the textures stretch in an unnatural way. I hated that back then.
Nowadays we have fitted mesh and still that problem with dots, vertical stripes and tartans.
Somehow though we have accepted that flaw as being SL. It is what it is.
In a former post I blogged about a dress in tartan and one in dots and they have the same problem.
I love these outfits and I have accepted the flaw in the meantime as being SL.
It is what it is.......

Love & Light
Fairy Fanshaw

Scottisch clan's and their tartans.....

I was always a Scotland fan and since I have seen the series "Outlander" even more.
Also I always loved their tartans and I believe this tartan is named the Royal Stewart Tartan.
When I TPed to !gO! shop to find out whether she had set out a new group gift (which she did) I found this set.
It is in many different textures, but I liked this tartan best.
Maybe more about the group gift in a next post, depending on how much I like it. (or not!)

Love & Light,

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

A line from the play Hamlet , by William Shakespeare.
An officer of the palace guard says this after the ghost of the dead king appears, walking over the palace walls.

This dress is completely free in one of the lucky chairs @ La Bella Boutique! Overknee boots are in the folder too. (Not shown here)
The HUD for the dress contains 30 (!) different textures based on Harley Quinn and for the boots 18 different textures.
The group is free to join. (I think you have to join for the chairs, but I was already in the group.)

Love & Light (and sorry Denmark, LOL)

zondag 28 april 2019


I went to the Cosmopolitan event and fell totally in love with this Flamenca dress, made by UNA.
It comes with earrings, castagnoles with and without animation and a headpiece (not shown here).
The HUD comes with 6 different colours for the dress and the ruffles.
My headpiece is made by The Annex and is sold @ the Trunkshow event.

Love & Light,

zaterdag 27 april 2019

Back to the fishing rod...

Oh my I spent way too much money lately......

and decided to ration myself.
I digged in my inventory, blew the dust off my rod and started fishing for Lindens again.
It is a slow way to earn money, but it is a way. It is all about generating traffic for sim owners.
The rod in the virtual fishing game with HUD is free and you get 100 worms for free to start with.
I made in the rod options the rod invisible.

Dress: SF Xantippe dress @ We love roleplay event.
Hair: Monso
Dragons: HEXtraordinary
Place: Baja Sands

Love & Light

dinsdag 23 april 2019


............and her dragons.....

Fantasy Fair has opened its doors and I can tell you: there is no lag, no full sims but full of awesomeness!
I have not seen all of the event yet, because when I stumbled on to this dragon gacha by HEXtraordinary I just had to play it.
I love that this gacha has no items you dont want: all of them are great.
Sleeping dragon on my head: cozy Dragonet Amethyst.
Shoulder dragon: shoulder dragon Sapphire.
L$ 50/play

Love & Light

maandag 22 april 2019

Teleport failed.

The region you are attempting to enter is currently full.

Yesterday I tried whole day to teleport to Blueberry, because of its 7th birthday sale.
Ofcourse that did not work. It is said that premium accounts have first priority with teleports.
I dont know if that is true, but what I want to ask is: please people, do your thing at Blueberry and teleport out as quickly as possible.
Think of all the others that want to TP in too. Especially when a sale is only for a few days.
Thank you.

Oceans daughter gacha by Belle Epoque.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 19 april 2019

Back to Wastelands.

The Luas gacha @ Epiphany made me remember Wastelands!

I spent quite some time there in the old days. When everyone rezzed huge houses with jacuzzi's and all kinds of luxuary, we played the opposite.
There are a few sims together for roleplaying, but also there is land for rent where you can build your home as long as it in the post apocalyptic theme.
Read more here if you are interested.
It is also an awesome place to make pictures, but they did not set windlight to the theme so I changed that for the picture to "Places Abracadabra"

Visit HERE 

Love & Light

donderdag 18 april 2019

The freebees @ Redeux Event.

And an awesome huntgift from Queenz.

I decided to follow my own advice (in my former blogpost,LOL), took my freebee Queen out of the closet and went freebee hunting.
First I stopped at Queenz shop, hunted the two bunnies down and got these awesome boots among other stuff.
After that I went to the Glam/Hashtag event and noticed that there are not many "gifts" that are actually free.
Please be aware: dont spend 10 or 5 Lindens by accident! At least the Tiar gift is free.
So I tped to Redeux and got myself this party dress at the !dM booth. I am wearing the Maitreya one in here and with some alpha-ing it fitted my Altamura body like a glove.
There are two colours in the box. My cute octopus follower had just the right colour; I got it at the [UN] booth and the floating hearts are from ::TD:: booth; also exactly the right colour.
Not visible in the picture but nonetheless cute is my snake bracelet. The folder did not give a landmark or shopname, so I don't know where I got that one.
Pose with the balloons is number 5 of the Fashiowl poses gift, all with balloon props.
It sometimes happens that the gifts stop showing up at shops; dont get irritated by the designer (LOL!), tp out and back in and see that there are actually gifts!
There are lots more gifts there; I just did not get around unpacking them all.

Love & Light

More awesome sheerness!

See for yourself:

The Tiar Kimmi set has  HUD with 15 different colours for the top and 4 for the undies.
It is sold at the GLAM event.
Every stall has a free gift waiting for you too!
Now for the heels:

As I said in my last post every part of these stiletto heels is colourable.
(See picture of the HUD above)
They are sold for only L$ 100 at the GLAM event.

🐱 [https://www.flickr.com/photos/94024813@N05/ Flickr] 🐱  [https://tiar-sl.blogspot.com Website] 🐱  [https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/28716 Marketplace] 🐱  [https://www.facebook.com/tiarSL/ facebook] 🐱

TIAR Mainstore

Love & Light,

woensdag 17 april 2019

Soft pastel, sheer and sexy.....

OMG How I love this dress!

The Yuna dress is slightly sheer and this texture (it has a HUD with 5 different textures) looks like a painting in watercolours.
I totally love it! (Thank you Coco!)
The best news is that it is only 50 Lindens: Check TIAR @ Redeux event. Many more amazing news on the offer there and a free gift in every stall.
I paired the dress with the "Baby don't run" stiletto's made by TIAR and sold at the GLAM event. Every part of the shoes can be coloured by the HUD.
Not only standard colours but also an  RGB possibility, which is amazing!
More on the shoes in a next blogpost.

🐱 [https://www.flickr.com/photos/94024813@N05/ Flickr] 🐱  [https://tiar-sl.blogspot.com Website] 🐱  [https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/28716 Marketplace] 🐱  [https://www.facebook.com/tiarSL/ facebook] 🐱

TIAR Mainstore

Love & Light,

dinsdag 16 april 2019

Love, Pride and what it has to do with Easter....

I have this thing for colours; crazy colours and patterns combined.

Happens to be that the pride flag is all colours of the rainbow too!
What would it be great to live in a world that accepts LOVE without conditions! 
Easter is all about love too: It is not the bunnies and the eggs, but about Christ that suffered for us but forgave.

I am more spiritual then a christian, but the power of forgiveness is great!
It instantly lifts you up when you forgive.

Top: Villena groupgift (still available)
Bunny ears: The Bauhaus Movement groupgift (still available)
Hair: Besom MM gift (comes around several times)
pants: RIOT past easter gift.
nose bandage: MP gift by Broken Princess.

Love, Light and happy Easter!

zondag 14 april 2019

The light through the window......

Casts down on the mermaids.......

and they sing at the bottom of the sea.
Finally some mermaid stuff again at the "We Love Roleplay" event!
This applier is amazing and available in 6 different colours.
This one is the pink/blue, but I might buy the gold one too.
My headdress is made by the same designer. (Antaya)
I bought the hair @ Tableau Vivant and my top is made by Zenith.
The great necklace is from Empyrean Forge and my Dolphin was born at Manticore before I adopted him.
He is low in complexity (all I am wearing in the pic including mermaid tail brings me up to 56.122)
Not bad huh?

Love & Light

vrijdag 12 april 2019

Mini hunt going on at Witchwood!

Home of Petit Mort & Oubliette.

Wearing the floral shorts, slouchy sweater and the free soul tank in here.
Other items are a cream midi skirt, lace trim sweater and a scarf.
You are searching for a bunny and each bunny will set you back L$ 10, but in my opinion it is defenitely worth it!


Love and Light,

Little bird told me......

that you can't find you're way home.

Little bird has showed me, that you can't run away from love
Open wide my feelings and tear me down until I break
Show me…

And showing you my favourite FLF items of this week: my boho blouse in olive by Mossu......
and this cute Robin bird on my shoulder by HEXtraordinary.
The bird comes with a nest with young animated birds worn on the head, my shoulder Robin and a roamer Robin.
So cute!


Love & Light,

woensdag 10 april 2019

Eyes all over....

There was this sort of hunt going on yesterday.....

@ CerberusXing in which you could win a fatpack of eyeball earrings.
I immedeately paired them in my thoughts with my eyeball leggings from Pixicat and TPed to CerberusXing.
By the time I landed there all fatpacks were found by others (Yaay for fast internet), so I did not get them.
Today I went back there to see if they were in the shop already, but did not see them. 
I saw these eyeball earrings though, which are very cool too. (close up in the TV)
The eyes actually blink and the eyes in my legging are animated too. 
The backdrop is a lucky chair gift @ The Bearded Guy shop.

Love & Light,

maandag 8 april 2019

Eye of Horus....

The Eye of Horus, also known as wedjat or udjat is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.
Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon, most likely a lanner or peregrine falcon. His right eye was associated with the sun god Ra.
The eye symbol represents the marking around the eye of the falcon, including the "teardrop" sometimes found below the eye.

I made this tattoo for myself but when you want it please IM me. Leg tattoo is in the applier (Maitreya) too but you can ofcourse click the lower part off in your Maitreya HUD.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 5 april 2019


I am enjoying myself here in Lea Art Sandbox.

Got company of Walther & Jessie (see background), so what could go wrong? *coughs*
I played with sounds from the series (short sounds for gestures) and put a few with a script in barrels etc.
Click them and the sound is played: so much fun!
I softlinked the whole platform and copied it, so I can put the whole scene down the next week and build on.
Thanks LL for Lea Art Sandbox: I love to work there!

Credits were given in a former post, but I want to highlight my new tattoo: most amazing tattoos in IDTTY store.
You really have to visit!

Love & Light,

donderdag 4 april 2019

Hook.......No nails.

I was standing at a lucky letter board......

It was at a nail shop as one of the nail packages was really long and creepy halloweenish and I waited for that set.
After a while Yaaay! my letter came up.
Thats when I realized I am a pirate and have a hook on one hand.
Bento nails come in both hands sets.
It was rather funny to realize, but creators...... can we have separate hand nails so us hook girls can get hooked too?
We don't need floating nails as if we had two hands Aye!
Arrr...we be pirates ye bloody fool!
By the way....
Why is the Rum always gone...........?

I am watching you closely!!!

woensdag 3 april 2019

I've been hunting.....

New month: new hunt chances!

This dress I picked up at Blondequeen shop in the Evil Bunny hunt and it has a great fit for my freebee queen with  Altamura body.
You have to be creative with the HUD for alpha though. My bunny heels are a group gift from Pop Art Store and are originally for Slink, but SURPRISE!
They fit my Altamura feet perfectly. The bunny ears are a groupgift from Bauhaus Movement and my lace collar is a groupgift from Zenith.
Last but not least: the cute bunny I am holding in my hand (see close up here under)

is a Gimme Gacha groupgift and available @ Gachaland at the main circus tent.

Love & Light

maandag 1 april 2019

Still not resolved :-(

♪ And the teleoport issues went on...... ♪

OMG every 3rd or 4rd (when i am lucky it is the 5th) teleport I get logged off.
When I log back in I am an incureable orange cloud, so I have to log off again and log back in another time.
I hope this issue resolves soon!

Anyway! the Kinky Event has opened and I got myself this awesome corset.
It has this extreme small waist, which makes it a bit cartoon-ish.
Made by BigBeautifulDoll and available in many many colours.

Chained platforms: Sabot
Whip: Curemore gacha item.

Love & Light (and a little bit naughty darkness *winks*)

zondag 31 maart 2019

Getting stripped during TP.

Do you have it too?

You land after TP and your shoes, hair and glasses came off. In fact they did not really come off, but you can't see them.
You have to edit them and there they are. I wanted to do a before and after picture, but guess what.......
Indeed problem has vanished!
Today is a "getting-disconnected-during-TP-day". The old double click landmark and TP there ends up in me getting disconnected.
So now I have to rightclick and choose teleport from the popup menu.
It is OK LindenLab to rush to new updates to meet new technologies, but SERIOUSLY....
keep the fundaments solid.
You can't build a house this way.

Dress: Luas Kamiko @ Neo Japan event.(Love the outfit, but the wide sleeves keep interfearing with the skirt/my legs)
Glasses: B.D.R.

Love & Light

vrijdag 29 maart 2019


NEW groupgift out @ COCO Designs!

And it is colourfull!
This skirt is amazing and I can make sooo many looks with it.
I love this shocking pink colour and matched it with my JIAN Love pug and my top from Vynil.
Glasses are an old Circus Noir item.

Love, Light and pugs....OH! UNICORNS,

More colours!

I found out that the Tiar harness is in many more colours!

I chose the pink one and added the sticky lollipops to my boobs (vendor is next to the harness vendor). I moved the hair lollipop to my other boob, so now I have yummie pasties, LOL!

Check it out @ TIAR

Couch is a group gift from Astralia (Valentine Lips Sofa)

Love, Light and lot of pinkness,

🐱 Newness @ TIAR! 🐱

This mega sexy Harness and boots are new @ Tiar!

The harness comes with a HUD to change colours brown/black for the harness and gold silver for the metal.
(Slink physique/hourglass, Freya, Isis, Maitreya and Venus)
The boots come with a HUD for 6 colour options. I chose red for the visibility on this rather dark picture. (Belleza, Maitreya and Slink)

The Tree of Life tattoo is momentarily for L$ 25 @ The Carwash sale and the pasties are part of another outfit.



🐱 Thank you Coco! 🐱

🐱 TAXI 🐱

Love & Light,

donderdag 28 maart 2019

Colours that makes you long....

for those hot summer nights..............


All free again this time: this halterneck jumpsuit is a groupgift @ Safira and the big necklace was included at an old groupgift of !gO!.
The two other necklaces (belt necklace and magic stone necklace) are groupgifts from Zenith and are still available (just checked it).
My earrings are a groupgift from Mandala and are also still available (just checked it too; in fact I am still standing at the shop as we speak, LOL)
My hair was a MM gift from Besom and the fringes add on is an old Hair Fair gift from Shi.
I think that covered it all.
I must apologize that sometimes I forget to mention stuff and push the "PUBLISH" button too impulsive in my enthousiasm.
I will never do that with shops I am sponsored by though.

Love & Light

dinsdag 26 maart 2019

Oldies but goodies......

I always loved the steampunk look........

And my alt had this Admiral Lenore gacha items I wear now (gacha is no copy; transfer only), made  a while ago by May Tolsen.The pipe, hat and necklace are made by her. The dress I made myself, the steampunk gear wings (the gears are actually moving!) is a very old item and the shop does not exist anymore, BUT  (I will do a great job as private investigator) I found at MP for what was it? I think 27 Lindens.
The Scissorhands are made by RO. Here is a close up:

When you want the dress, just IM me.

Love & Light,

zondag 24 maart 2019


Is the god of the afterlife, the underworld, and rebirth in ancient Egyptian religion.

His sister was Isis.

Osiris was widely worshipped until the decline of ancient Egyptian religion during the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire.
Outfit: UNA @ Days of Yore event.

Love & Light,

zaterdag 23 maart 2019

Hysterical coats......

And hot dogs.

Today I checked a shop I really liked: Hotdog.
I saw a design of them once at a shopping event for men but forgot about the name, as I thought they were only doing men stuff. I loved really a lot, but I chose  this coat, which has a HUD for the leather and the turtleneck under it. Also there are 10 different furs to choose from.
I chose a pretty hysterical combination and kept the basics black.
Love it!

TAXI to Hotdog.

Love & Light,

woensdag 20 maart 2019

Lucky Boards

@ Scandalize...... and I was lucky!

The letters skip pretty quickly, so more chance to get the outfit you want.
I wanted this white one to make my angelic look complete. There was no Altamura fit in the folder, but I found out that most tops for Maitreya work and most skirts/pants for Hourglass. In this case I wear the Maitreya skirt under the Hourglass to hide the loose fit.
Keep on giving free avatars in hunts Altamura, to increase the demand for Altamura clothes!
Designer kit can be found at the Alamura shop.

Love & Light,

dinsdag 19 maart 2019

Customer Care done right!

@ Altamura!

I saw a head I wanted, which was added up (skin/head) only L$ 100, but I had my free Altamura full avatar, of which I could not alpha the head out.
To be honest..... I did not want to spend a few K on a mesh body as a chain reaction. (Thats how it always works with us girls right?)
So I sent a notecard to the manager of Altamura and he guided me to a body which is totally free, on which the head can be alpha-ed out.
Body and head slightly difffer from skin tone, but nothing what a good collar can't fix!

I am so proud to tell you that this avatar has costed me only L$ 150!
(100 for the skin and 50 for the Altamura group)

Thank you Altamura for the great customer care!!

Love & Light