vrijdag 28 september 2018

Get a free dress and......

you hurry to go buy expensive stuff to match the free dress.

You recognize this girls?
I do this all the time (giggles)
I went to the D'eVil Shop to get tons of latex free stuff (thanks so much for blogging this FabFree!) but I wanted the look finished. (I hate wearing just a dress and thats it.)
So yeah I spent quite an amount of Lindens to make the free dress "an outfit".

Pictures made @ another fantastic halloween themed sim, named Arranmore.

Love & Light

donderdag 27 september 2018


With a cute touch.......

It all started @ Scandalize shop......
I got this very sexy dress that's one of their groupgifts and coloured it pink. (Yes it has a colour HUD too!) As the dress is sweet and very sexy I wanted to give it a more tough touch and used my Villena jacket to do so.
But still......something was missing......
I was in for a long shopping session, but ended up with these great boots @ Vale Koer. The fatpack allowed me to colour each part of the boots; I really love them!

Love & Light

zondag 23 september 2018

Burned all the ships behind me.......

I am so sorry the sim I blogged about has time out until October 1st.

Until then: another sim with great beauty: Everwinter.

I took a few friends and made pictures of them, each in the theme they were dressed in.
(At least the dots that connected in my mind.)
I knew this sim for quite some time, but I never found the docks; I think it is recently added.

It also has a dark theme; not only near Halloween, but around the year.

So keep looking for Ironwood to come back as they are redecorating the whole sim: I am so curious!

Love and Light in the dark,
(or accept the flashlight at the landingpoint, hahaha!)

The perfect place to explore.....

Posting more about a location then about my outfit now.....

OMG This sim is sooo wel done!
I took tons of pictures, but I am not going to bore you with that: you just have to go look for yourselves.
Found another Halloweenish outfit in my inventory named Ravenna and completed it with my birds nest hair.
I did not like the bird, so I took it off and added my own crow.
Perfect for Halloween!

I have seen a few bloggers walking around already here ;-)
Your TAXI to Ironwood.

Have fun!
Love & Light

zaterdag 22 september 2018

Mermaid Pride......

Both Addams and Blueberry have an awesome gift at "Les Fest"

I chose to show you the Blueberry gift, as it shows where this event is all about: Equality.
It hurts me to realize that these events are so much needed in this world full of haters and my mermaid avatar is wearing this shirt with pride!
Thank you Blueberry!
Shirt is in three versions: dry, half wet and full wet.
I am sorry but I forgot to take a landmark, but I am sure the landmark is given at the main store.

Love, Light and Pride,

vrijdag 21 september 2018

getting in the mood......


My favourite time of the year is HALLOWEEN!
When my RL work allows me I will post much more Halloween outfits, but this one is from..... yes my most favourite shop in SL: The Bauhaus Movement.
The hair is so super awesome but it is an old item (2017) and in a exclusive sort of hunt. I remember you had to say "HOCUS POCUS" in local chat and then you were either lucky or not.
I was lucky!

Love, Light and darkness (fun darkness)

My favourite FLF item!

Actually there were a lot of Fifty Linden Friday items I liked, but this one I like best:

My dress is from the Plastik and it has a black version  too plus two different short outfits in one folder.
You actually get 4 outfits for L$ 50!
I paired it with a headdress from the Bauhaus movement. (Yes FLF is always costing more, hahaha!)

Love and Light,

donderdag 20 september 2018


This funny donut Minny Mouse band inspired to make this dress.

The headband is a group gift @ Star Sugar and the donut brochette was an old gift from Luas shop at an event.
I forgot which event, but it might be found at Luas.
The cupcake earrings and bracelet are an old Circus Noir item.

Love and Light (also in the sense of calories, LOL!)

vrijdag 14 september 2018

Don't you ever..........

Hide your pride!

Sometimes I need to express my feelings in my outifts and when I can't find something suitable.....
I just make it myself. Textured this dress with the pride symbol and it goes perfect with my awesome coat of "Fakeicon"

Love & Light,

zondag 9 september 2018

Sunday is shopping day!

During hunting I found this shop and today I took my friend there:

He got this groupgift vest and shoes and bought these colourfull pants.
The name of the shop is Bakaboo and is for  people (male and female clothes) that love colours and graphical prints. It can be a bit tricky to mix and match, but this turned out awesome.

Love & Light

Racing jacket....

As I played with the fatpack HUD of my Addams retro bikini

I went searching for a cool jacket to wear on top and found that jacket @ Villena.
It is named Motorsport Bomber Jacket and in all kinds of combinations of colours.
(you buy the colour you want, there is no HUD)

Love & Light,

Retro Pin Up

Digging in my inventory I found some amazing stuff:

This bikini from Addams has this cool retro feel. It seemed I bought the fatpack back then: I am so glad I did! I am as glad as if I just bought it, silly me!
I am wearing it with my Vanity Pin Up hair and the retro glasses I made myself. (Mesh, old Circus Noir item)

Picture taken at Altitude sim (indie music hangout & open stage)

Love & Light,

zaterdag 8 september 2018

It doesn't get anymore more normal then this.

This is an unicum:

I always said: you will never see me in jeans in SL, unless it is baggy or otherwise different.
I fell in love with this blazer from Coco Designs though and I felt like trying the theme I have never done in SL: LESS IS MORE.
And hey! it worked!
Jeans are from blueberry, shoes from ChicChica.

Love & Light

donderdag 6 september 2018

Fish and Ships.......

My japanese sister tped to Kireina Resort to try a kimono demo.....

And I ended up buying this flying whale with trees on his back.
It comes with a modify/copy whale with no scripts, a copy whale with 5 poses and with a swimming around script....
and three static ones in three sizes to use as island to rezz stuff on it and make it your home.

Love & Light

woensdag 5 september 2018

Get your kicks.....

On the road you meet the most interesting people....

I was pleasantly surprised thatAdN Designs included Altamura body in the folder of their MM outfit named 
The top and skirt have a colour HUD with many options. Thank you Adabetha!

Pictures made at the Motherroad route 66. I love this sim; it has such a nice atmosphere.

Love & Light,

zaterdag 1 september 2018


Spoiled to the bone.

Rich, bored and blase....
@ The Ritz

Season of gold.....

Everything I am wearing in this picture is free!

Exept for the hair.
The dress I hunted down @ Lana shop and is in a mini hunt.
You are searching for a little black box (they are tiny!) and each box contains a different HUD.
When you hunted down all three boxes you have the dress covered in all colours including the metals.
I am wearing the gold dress to welcome Fall.
I love the colours of fall and I paired it with the fall wreath, which is a groupgift @ Bauhaus Movement.

Love and Light