vrijdag 26 oktober 2018

Hunt gifts of the month.....

The month is not over yet BUT:

For me it is this outfit: I blogged the hair yesterday; it was in the Hocus Pocus hunt.
The dress I am wearing is so super cool: worn out dress with holes and a knife with blood dripping script. It comes with bloody footsteps and a skin applier. (Not shown here)
Hunt it down at NUTS.  You are looking for a raven and when you dont feel like hunting for the object, you can buy it for L$ 25 at the hunt sign too.I found it soon enough for one Linden though.
I was fuzzing around with my body HUD for alpha, when I found out it had an Altamura dress too!
Thumbs up for the designer.

Love & Light

donderdag 25 oktober 2018

Hocus Pocus


Get your HUD and it explains everything. Got my hair from a particip8ing shop and the "Dia de los Muertos" corset is an old Circus Noir item.
Avatar is my freebee Queen and it would be nice if more desingers make stuff for Altamura body!

Love and Light,

dinsdag 23 oktober 2018

Sugar, sugar

It doesn't get any sweeter then this.....

I have found a way to handle gacha and that is:
When I like whats in the gacha VERY much then I give myself ONE opportunity.
When I receive something I did not want: too bad, but not much harm done. (Mostly L$ 50 to L$ 75)
Yesterday I was lucky: got the RARE dress at first pull and ooooh my!!!! I love this dress.
Bonus was today when Lilo Denimore sent me a notecard that ChicChica has a cute and funny halloween gift.
Wearing the halloween donut on my right hand.
My outfit is from Canimal and named Candy Couture.
Location: the skybox I made for working in a sandbox.

Love and Light,

zondag 21 oktober 2018

no customer care.....

Remember I posted about a not working gacha balloon?

And I asked friendly in a notecard for a working one?
The "balloon hold" pose was not working.

Update: I never got an answer.

I had a shop in SL and Customer Care was my highest priority, as it should.
I closed my shop because I could not guarantee my inworld presence anymore due to RL change of job. I can understand all those circumstances, but I wonder how many people "won" the gacha balloon, noticed it did not work and forgot about it.
Designers: test and test and test again in different circumstances what you make!
People are paying for it.

Love and Light

zaterdag 20 oktober 2018

Hurry! Hurry!


I just got enough time yesterday to get my favourite FLF item for myself.
Today I showed my friend and he wanted to pay full price for it: that much he liked my cute dog.
So we went over to JIAN and SUPRISE! It still was for sale for 50 Linden!
Told him to put on some halloweenish stuff and we make a blog post about it so you guys and girls can get it too!
I made an extra picture of the pup zoomed in and put it on the right of the picture so you can see it better.
His outfit is from AdN designs and was a lucky chair gift.

Love & Light

woensdag 17 oktober 2018

I remain one thing and one thing only........

and that is a clown.

It places me on a far higher plane than any politician. (Charlie Chaplin)

I always loved the Circus Theme (hence the name of my former shop: Circus Noir) so Halloween is the perfect time for me to run that fantasy free.
Here I am wearing a groupgift sweater by RIOT (gotto love that shop!).
My collar is a gacha item from Moon Amore and the clown shoes are made by me. (Old Circus Noir item).

Love, light and some fun darkness,

maandag 15 oktober 2018

Sad clown.......

This clown is a little bit sad......

Why is she sad?
She was on the gacha and got this creepy balloon, but there was no pose in it.
She edited the balloon and  saw there was a pose in the content, but (due to conflicting scripts?) not working.
However..... She saw the pose inside was copy and transfer, so she dragged the pose in the balloons contents to the folder in her inventory: double clicked it, et voila!
Pose was working.
She sent a notecard out to psyqueen (owner of moon amore) to please give her a working balloon though, as it is a PITA to find the pose every time after logging in in an overloaded inventory, plus it is next to AO and other HUDs another window "polluting" the screen.

I am wearing the skirt and socks I blogged before, a shirt I textured myself  (not quite fitting the skirt, but I forgive myself, LOL), the gacha clown collar and hat (Moon Amore) and ofcourse the balloon.

Love & Light

zaterdag 13 oktober 2018

Oops my skirt!

Ok first my statement and then the outfit.

I am sometimes getting a bit annoyed about a blogpost with a lot of pictures that are almost the same.
I am talking about items in every colour using the same pose, but also the same dress used in different poses.
Makes you endlessly scroll down and I don't care for the next picture anymore after I have seen two.
In my opinion the creator of the dress/poses is not looking for people scrolling fast down and not even reading the text.

OK I made my statement.
Now the look:
This skirt is so awesome sexy and it has an add on that is really hot! Sold separately btw.(Not shown here *coughs*)
Made by Tentacio and bought on the Kinky event (I think).
Shirt is the wet shirt by Blueberry, thong is a groupgift of Kaithleen's and I camped for the socks at Tiar. (Oh right, not visible on the picture, but cute anyway!)
Mickey hat was a lucky board item at Pr!tty hair.

Love & Light

vrijdag 12 oktober 2018



Got myself this dress from Una at (oh geez what event was it???) and went hunting at Ironwood sim.
I got stuck at trying to find the haunted house. (Someone knows where it is??)
Anyway I got bored and went to Backdrop city to make pictures, as I have a few comments about this outfit. First of all: I really love it. It comes with roses around your ribs too, but there was no colour HUD for the roses (they are red) so I opted for the one without roses. It comes with two skeleton arms too but is not shown here either. It is a shame that the collar of the dress did not fit my Maitreya body and the outfit does not say for what body it was made for, so that confused me.I tried to alpha my neck out and make it smaller, but without result. Best option is to wear a separate collar with the dress, I guess.

Love & Light,

dinsdag 9 oktober 2018

Not just another Halloween post.......

This is the best outfit I have seen sofar this year:

It comes with a wearable and rezz cros, hair, outfit and skin appliers. (not wearing the skin appliers)
Get it at the Irrisistible booth @ Versus Event.

Love & Light (you will need it, lol)

Help me!

Take me out of this place!

Got some new freebees for you.
First freebee is this cool jacket from Gabriel and is found at the Neo Japan event.
Second one are the pants and is from AdN designs . It is part of a lucky chair outfit, named Deadly Men.
My bag with earphones is from Gabriel and my sneakers are from Cheerno.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 5 oktober 2018

Strong woman......

This time of the year always reminds me of a woman I admire:

She was so strong and creative. Her body did not cage her mind.
A powerwoman "avant la lettre"
I am wearing a bodysuit of AdN designs, boots from Vale Koer, fishnet stockings from Villena and my Catrina headpiece is from Astralia.
The "we can do it pose" is from Kokoro Poses. (Old gift.)

Love & Light

dinsdag 2 oktober 2018

Good girls are bad girls.....

that haven't been caught.

Hello readers!
Showing you another free dress that is great! The level of detail is wonderfull and I am in love with the soft purple colour; last but not least: I tend to agree with what the dress says. (*coughs*)
Get it @ No Cabide. (Sorry I forgot to take a landmark..... see? I am a bad girl after all.)

Love and Light,