zaterdag 24 maart 2018


I also post about clubs I like "A Lot".... LOL
This one is awesome: shame the DJ's are seldom on in my time zone, but sometimes I get lucky!
Walk around this sim: they did an awesome job.

Altitude: a club housed in an abandoned hangar on a forgotten island.


vrijdag 16 maart 2018


OMG I need them.....

I get bored too soon.

So I can change from black goth latex to Kawai girlie in a split second when I feel the need.
But mostly my moods hang around for a while.
Like I said: for now it is dark.

Here is my latest outfit: the entire outfit is a mix and match, but all together it was not cheap.

I am not sponsored by the shops.... soooooo no names.


Oh yes! the Chess hat and the bitchstick is made by me.

donderdag 15 maart 2018

Kowloon .......

I just love the japanese culture!
Back then when I had a shop I joined many hunts as a designer. Lots of japanese girls liked my designs and as a cherry on the cake one of  my hunt outfits was chosen as the best in a hunt and was shown on the japanese SL TV.
Sighs..... good old times. LOL!

Now I see things from a customers view and from a designer view at the same time and I fell in love with this sexy kimono I found @ the Hentai event.
It is made by Konpeitou and the sandals with socks are made by Oubliette.
Last but not least the hair: Shi..... my favourite hair shop!

Sorry links are only provided when I am sponsored by that shop, but it is easy to find in search.

No rose without .........

Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know.

~ Morticia Addams

I visited Colabor88 today and I saw this amazing lingerie set from Moon Amore.
Moon Amore has always been one of my favourite designers, but mostly for my sweet and girly side. (I have an avatar for that side too, lol)
Allthough I am lately more on the darker side, so I bought the black roses set and posed in a dark setting.

Huggs..... Fairy

woensdag 14 maart 2018

Whore Couture Fair

Yes! I finally made it to this event.
It was one of the most toughest event to tp in. Took me a few weeks.
I was after this latex dress sold by a shop named Bossie.
I had a little bit more scripts/avatar weight when I tped in so I had to take some stuff off.
Make sure you are as lowest as possible, which makes you move more easy too.
Pictures of my new Bossie dress:

And here another one:

I really love this dress!


maandag 12 maart 2018

Midnight Mania

I want to share a very cool MM outfit from A.D.N. Designs.
This shop has every day a different outfit at their MM boards and many lucky chairs and lucky boards.
You have to be in the group, but the group is free.

Yesterday I slapped the board for this amazing "dominatrix" outfit that comes with shoulderpieces, bunny mask, shoes and a riding crop.

Best part is:  It is all free!!


vrijdag 9 maart 2018

I tried from day 1 the Whore Couture shopping event started to TP in and I still did not manage to get there. So I went to the Cosmopolitan shopping event instead and I was not disappointed:
I found this amazing legging on which you can write your own text:
It is made by Adorsy and named "Samantha" leggings.
I paired it with the Blueberry old group gift (named October gift) and ofcourse good old Theo!

I will still keep trying to TP to Whore Couture Fair, as I saw a nice dress I might want to buy, so wish me luck !
Untill the next post!

Hugs Fairy

dinsdag 6 maart 2018

Bored and Blase..... two rich ladies @ another party

The theme of the Backdrop City photo contest is "luxury" and I made my own theme within that theme.....

I was @ Junbug shop today and saw this awesome group gift. A gown with a bra that looks like a shelf. I am in the Junbug group for ages; back then the group was free to join. Now they charge a fee, but the gifts are worth it.

The wine I am holding so elegantly is made by ChicChica.

Maybe after the bottle is more empty i am less bored: who knows?


By the way, if you did not know yet: click on the picture to get a close look ;)

zondag 4 maart 2018

My Doll

I never introduced her to you all, but my doll avie is quite old.
I left her as I liked her the best and today I put her out of the closet for a photo competition at Backdrop City.
Credits go to Zenith shop which made this awesome bustier (not quite fitting but I made "Mattel" nipple covers in a matching colour, which make it a bit edgy), Pixicat for the awesome Unicorn heels (which surprisingly good fitted) . The butterfly cage/crown is also made by Zenith.

Here it goes: (wish me luck ;-))

Credits for the backdrop:

Half Deer for the curtains, the luggage and the cute kittens
Cielo Capalini for the suitcase.

donderdag 1 maart 2018

Über, monthly event.....

I really LOVE this top I scored at Über made by BUENO.
I am wearing it with the Girls Night skirt made by Blueberry and some sneakers.
And ofcourse Theo is joining me again (snorts!)

I chose this colour, because it is the same colour as Theo's eyes. :P