zondag 29 april 2018


I have this thing with birds..... they are spiritual beings.
Like we are but we forgot.
Yes I am changing from pink to black again.
This outfit is a mix and match.
The skirt is from Pixel Box and the raven hat was made by me.
Ravenna body suit is from LuLu


dinsdag 24 april 2018

Bento Pareo

It is slowly waving in the wind........
The pareo comes with a body suit, but I am wearing it with my mini bikini to make it more spicy.

Pareo is from AK-Creations and my minimini bikini is from [CX]

Really those brand names in SL are starting to look like hieroglyphs.....

vrijdag 13 april 2018


But a little irritated.
The world is not acting like I want and that hurts.
Karma is gonna get ya? Hmmmmm..... Sometimes I think the devil has more luck then I have.
I was making myself ready for a devil/angel party when I realized that (ofcourse!) the party is going on in US time and not in European time, sooooo.....
I decided to take pictures of my outfit.
My wings are bento from BareRose


My dress is so great!
It is from UC (United Colours; makes me think of the brand Benneton in RL)

Last but not least:
my cute hair is from Little Bones

Love and Light and Namaste!

zaterdag 7 april 2018


Who doesn't  like free stuff?
Mostly the free stuff I get is soso and I won't blog that.
I only blog the quality stuff.
Here is one I love!

New group gift from Ricielli.
The group is free to join.
Socks are from the Easter Egg hunt @ Rainbow sim.

Hair is from Kokolores.
(not free, but discounted fatpack of colours)