woensdag 13 februari 2019

Breaking up........

DRD would not be DRD if they hadn't a different view on Valentines day.....

Their groupgift this month is the wearable "Breaking up Box" and I totally love it!
(And no.... no breaking up on my side *wink*)
DRD group is free to join.
Get your breaking up box HERE

Love & Light,

dinsdag 12 februari 2019

Love bird....

I got so inspired by Valentines day: Look!

The idea is very old: I sold my "Love Dove" as a Circus Noir item.
But the dove was an old sculpt: not looking good. The idea and the script was great though.
I put the script in a cute pink mesh bird and placed the letter in his beak. Thats where the script is in.

Got it from a friend?
Add it (it attaches to your right shoulder), click it and watch local chat.

Want to sent it to a friend?
Say in local chat
/989 "your message without brackets" 
Start each sentence with /989
If you want to erase the text then type /989 clear.

The bird is no copy and no modify.
Transfer only, so you can send it to your friend and he/she can send it back with an answer.

When you want the bird you will have to contact Fairy Fanshaw.


And ofcourse as always.....

Love & Light,

maandag 11 februari 2019

Screwed it.......

Yes I totally screwed up a good friendship in SL.

Can you believe that?
Just before Valentines day?
I won't give the details, but assuming he was "one of those guys" (you girls probably all know what kind of guy I mean) did it.
Mister "T" when you read this: lets get together on Valentines day (or sooner) and I will buy you a big box of chocolates! (winks)

Cupid is Stupid sweater Loki @ Love Bites Hunt
Hair [RA] @ Colabor88 (2 styles to wear and 2 photographic styles)
Legging: Addams

Love and Light

vrijdag 1 februari 2019

It's FLF again!

I am posting this really early to give you girls the chance to get it too!

This dress is the "Fifty Linden Friday" item @ Pixicat. See the picture/slurl in the Seraphim blog.
(I forgot to take a landmark.) It comes in brow/beige and black/white and I am defenitely in love with this dress!
Go get em girls!

Love & Light