zondag 25 februari 2018


Hi there, I made a cat scratch applier for Maitreya bodies.
Since I found Theo in the LL initial outfits folder, I just had to make it.
Sofar I have not made appliers for Maitreya yet, as I stopped my shop before the mesh bodies were made, but it is really easy to do.

IM me when you want one. I do charge a fee, but will be not much.

maandag 19 februari 2018


(Not really!) I have been posting a lot for my shop ages ago, but since I don't have a shop anymore I deleted all the posts and now I am starting all over, but in a customers vieuw.

I love freebees and if I can I will post a lot of them.
We'll see how this blog will develop.

Hair: Mina @ shop your heart out event.
Shirt: Elegance Boutique groupgift
Joggingpants and sweater: Scandalize minihunt

Sorry no links for now, but when I am starting to get sponsors I will!