donderdag 31 mei 2018

Back to nature.....

I love earth colours (sand, brown, ocre, etc.), maybe because I am a taurus in RL.
Yesterday I finally found back the shop I was looking for, but forgot its name.
The complete outfit consists of many parts and every part is sold and priced separate, so it is rather expensive. (Harnes, cloth, arms, legs and thong)
I could not resist though and it looks great on me don't you think so?
I combined it with the gold coin headband and earrings from Izzie's

dinsdag 29 mei 2018

Pool Party!

I went to a pool party in SL and wanted to jump into the water, but my cat Theo started to meow and scratch me again, so I opted for the Flamingo floatie.
It is very hot here in RL too and thunderstorms are expected. (I hear thunder already in the distance!)

My look is a wet one: hair from Argrace, wet t-shirt from Blueberry and Izzies for the wet skin layer.

Water bottle is from ChicChicca and acessoiries from Astralia.

Now where is my icecold beer?


woensdag 16 mei 2018

New Bento Head

Hello everybody!

I have been on the LAQ Bento head for a while, because I wanted to give starting Bento designers a chance and sure it is a lovely head, but the sliders of change (SOC is very very important!!) did not give me as much freedom as the Catwa Bento heads. Now Catwa is about 80 percent of the SL population, so I am always trying something new.

Here is my new appearance........
I am not sponsored, so what I found is secret.
Took some time to make my final shape, but for now it is good.

Love and Light

vrijdag 11 mei 2018

Sport School

Hi there!

I have been to the Wash sale and scored this awesome sporty body suit for only L$ 10 !
It is made by 1 Hundred and when you land at the central landing point don't move untill things have rezzed, as the 1 Hundred cart is right where you land.

Accessoiries made by ChicChica and Astralia.