donderdag 30 augustus 2018

Took it to the next level.......

My, my that demo belt was really something!

It inspired me to take it to the next level by making this dress.
Had so much fun doing it!

Love & Light

woensdag 29 augustus 2018

Celebrating Colours!

We have put an amazing outfit together today!

He is wearing:
Fakeicon nopun tank
Fakeicon nopun waist shirt
Fakeicon Shoulder fur patchwork
RIOT Syrio Men's leggings: old hunt item at the Land of Rainbows Easter hunt.

Love, Light and Bright colours!

dinsdag 28 augustus 2018

Prince Frog.......

Coincidently I teleported to the enchantment event and noticed there was a theme going on.

The prince frog fairytale is one of my favourites and I made a pose with pose prop for that theme, like centuries ago.
That inspired me to make this picture and join the contest that is going on around that theme.
Also a hunt is going on with that theme, but it ends in a few days. I don't think I can handle that level of stress, LOL! me almost kissing the frog I made myself.
Still love that pose ;-)

Love & Light and lots of frog kisses,

maandag 27 augustus 2018

Still searching for a trailer.....

Get me one and I will post next picture what you will win!

I am a poor trailer trash girl but I am creative!
I made the dress and the naughty belt myself, so IM me when you want it!
Get me a new trailer and you will get this back sticker..... LOL

Love & Light,

Ready or not....

Are you ready for some freebees?

Went freebees shopping with my friend today.
First ones were from Cubura; a groupgift romper and a wearable donut with coffee.
He could not get the romper working for his Altamura body and his AO obviously was higher prio then the attachements.
He kept spilling his coffee on the floor, hahaha!
Then we went to Gild and got all the groupgift skinny pants. (He is wearing the triangle ones here)
After that we went to Gabriel and got the coat groupgift for L'Homme readers.
There are a lot of gifts for L'Homme Readers at Gabriel: worth a visit!

Love & Light

zondag 26 augustus 2018

Come fly away with me....

let's fly, let's fly away

To celebrate my new job I am posting this picture.
I am going to work as a flight school office manager at an airport in RL next week.
Sooo exited about that! Going to manage the flight simulator cabine (which is frikkin' awesome, like the real thing!)
ofcourse I am going to take flying lessons too RL!

Love, Light and blue skies....

Meet me at the laundry......

I imagine the laundry was a place where you could meet your possible future partner in those times.
Times without social media depended on your outgoing behaviour.... amazing!
On the other hand I imagine a laundry nowadays with people all staring at their cellphones and not even noticing the hunk that's next to you!
Anyways..... It started with a notecard from "Sweet Thing" about a weekend deal and I tped there.
I did not get the weekend deal but this cute Fawn Hoodie, which was upstairs and a fatpack bargain.
Try the demo first, as this hoodie is in standard sizes, so you have to use your alpha on your mesh body HUD.
Worked well for me with my Lara mesh body!

Love & Light

vrijdag 24 augustus 2018


The Rococo outfit inspired me to make this picture.

The hair I got from the Curemore Gacha was not my favourite hair for the outfit, but I remembered my Madame Pompadour hair I had in my inventory from long ago. (Yes it is really old, sculpted and flex parts)
I like it better with the outfit though.

Love & Light

Madame Rococo.......

And yes..... I have fallen for gacha again.....

I always loved extreme outfits, so six horses couldn't drag me away from this Curemore/Moon Amore gacha.
It was very soon I got one of the RARE's, so I like gacha a little bit better now (LOL).
Shame the attire was not quite fitting my Lara body (as seen on the picture).

Get it here (I have a few "left overs" so IM me when you want something)

Love & Light

woensdag 22 augustus 2018

Girl Power

Today I visited the bi-annual cart sale @ The Wash.

It started today and it ends September 5th and the best part of it is that everything is sold for L$ 10 or less.
I am showing here the Emmeh Girl power outfit (bra, panties and top)
The wreath is a group gift @ Bauhaus Movement and the hair is from Tram.
Location: Storybook Forest.

Love & Light,

dinsdag 21 augustus 2018

On the road again.....

Went out with my friend (not Kip) shopping @ Gild trying demo's and he wanted to know which outfit I prefer.
Wow that was difficult as I like A LOT of that shop, but with the overalls a story popped into my head.
After he bought them we went searching for a place that made the atmosphere of the story inside my head complete.

We found the place at the Mother Road - Mirage Motel 66 and the first picture I took was the one.

Overalls with skittle: Gild Main store TAXI

Love & Light,

maandag 20 augustus 2018

Poor trailertrash girl needs......

A new trailer......SIGHS........

But the trailers are the RARE's in the DRD gacha *pouts*

Any rich sugardaddy around?
OMG I really want the whole set, but gacha hates me because I hate gacha and when I pretend to love it, the machine knows I am lying grrrrr.
Picture taken at DRD (Death Row Designs) @ the Gacha machine. (Me with my tough face, pretending not to drool.)


Love & Light (and lots of gacha luck)

zondag 19 augustus 2018

Angel of Pain.....

I am not only blogging fashion, but also other things I like about SL.

I found this place about a year ago and yes it is about BDSM, but the sim is so well done!
It is classy and it attracts people that are classy, naughty and intelligent.

Anyway.... look for yourself!

Love & Light

zaterdag 18 augustus 2018

Private Session........

Could not teleport. Region is full.

I had that with the Fetish Fair for a few weeks, so I gave up.
Today the FF should be ended. (Officially it was until yesterday.)
But I tried to teleport there anyway and was surprised everything was still there.
By the time I tped out I looked like shown on the picture.

I am wearing:

Latex Corset by A&Y
Latex Thigh High boots by RIOT
Mask by Cubic Cherry

Love & Light

vrijdag 17 augustus 2018

No Issue

I don't have trust issues, I just know better!

This hair from No.Match has summer written all over it. 
The hairband has a HUD with 12 patterns in colours that will match any outfit.
Sold @ this round of Cosmopolitan for only L$ 150/colour range.
Oh! While you are there, check the Cosmopolitan groupgift made by Mimikri: group is free to join.

Hair: No.Match: No.Issue, sold @ Cosmopolitan.
Outfit: Scandalize (Cynthia) (it was a gift outfit for another event, but I don't remember where)
Avatar: Altamura Valentina
Ferret: Lindenlab: in folder Petrol Sue.
Flamingo: JIAN

Love & Light

donderdag 16 augustus 2018


Today I went to the Equal10 event and look what I found:

I totally love the open shirt and pants, so I wanted to make a blogpost about it.
It is made by Gabriel and can be found at the event. (Not far from landing area.)
Made for Belleza and Signature, but worn on an Altamura body and it fits perfectly.

Your TAXI 

Love & Light,

dinsdag 14 augustus 2018

Frame yourself....

We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours.

I always loved United Colors, but somehow I always ended at the shop trying demo's and promising myself I'd buy it tomorrow. (they should put RL on the banlist sometimes, LOL) 
Anyway.... I tped to the shop the other day and bought some outfits.
I am showing you the first one here.

Love & Light,

New release @ Cubura!

Look at the detail of the texture of this new Cubura Rayden top: it is amazing!

The Rayden top comes with a 25 color hud and has options to cover your bulge or leave the shirt normal.

And.............surprise! The butt is uncovered.

Top: Rayden by Cubura --->  taxi main shop and event taxi 

Hair: Quixotic by Shi

Love & Light,


I know....I know....

It's too late for Fifty Linden Friday, RL work got in the way.

Yet I still want to do this post, as the shorts I got make a set with the top I got a few weeks ago.
It is made by Cureless and still for sale, but not for L$ 50 anymore.
I really love this set, but I have to be honest: the shorts don't fit my Maitreya body like a glove.
Now and then my butt peeks through.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

PACMAN, Angels and Sinners.....

We had a little shopping session apart from each other and surprise! What did we come up with?

Fallen Angel outfit (I left the "fallen" parts in the folder and only show the angel parts): a MM outfit @ AdN Designs.
The cute Angel dog is from Jian (Wonky Weenies gatcha Angel companion )
Hair: *TKW* David
Heels: Violent Seduction: Sakura Heels.
Halo: Halfdeer: Fairylight halo.

Hair: Boon Mae 005
Cock: Aeros (not visible)
Cuffs: Mesmerize Dungeon Rubber Cuffs v4
Eyes: Ikon Hazel
Nipples: NOCHE
Thong: ADN Leandro
Boots: Cubura Thomas
Earrings: SDesigns Patricia
Stockngs: Omega applier by Rosi
Dress: DL Bare Torso Dress

Love &  Light

maandag 6 augustus 2018

That cool orange jacket.....

I have an orange leather jacket in RL for quite some years now......

And I wanted one in SL too. I went to several shopping events and I bought a few demo's but I eventually ended @ Vale Koer Main Store, where I bought this awesome jacket with optional shirt.
(Shirt has a colour HUD). At an event I bought the skirt with two zippers from SEUL. I like it, but the  Maitreya one is not quite fitting, so I had to use my body HUD for some alpha.
I paired it with sneakers from AdN designs (not shown, but I want to share the reason why I bought them).
As I was looking for sneakers I found out that all shops were selling sneakers for at least > L$ 250, so I went to AdN and bought a whole oufit with cool sneakers for L$ 99!
My blogging frequency this week is on a minimum, as I am working 6 days in RL, but I will be back!

Love & Light,

donderdag 2 augustus 2018

His shopping addiction......

He is even worse then me, but we have sooo much fun shopping together!

Here is his new find:
Bodysuit by Cubura named Tod Armor.
Hairdresser.... as always Shi

Thank you my always so patient model: Kipling Rudyard.
He is still single: Send him cute or naughty (or both) notecard. Men only.

Love & Light,

Always look at the pink side of life..........

There is a major event looking forward to: The Man Jail Event, starting August 8th.

Kip (my model and best friend) got this Chad Jocks from the designer of Cubura, which will be sold there.
As the picture shows it is extremely sexy (omg look at the back). It has a style HUD and a bunch of colours.
He paired it with Cubura Hikaru Shirt, sold at Cubura Mainstore. It comes with a colour HUD and it has a tucked and untucked option.

Get it here:
Man Jail event Zen Soul (81,196,35) --------> Taxi
Cubura Mainstore Haraiki Bay (85,174,57)-> Taxi

Love and Light

woensdag 1 augustus 2018

Left overs.......

What I always do with the double gacha items is: giving them away!

I know a friend that is indeed a crazy catlady and I gave my double items to her plus the cat I won at Jian.
It is very cute, but it hides the kitten I was wearing in the sweater.

I think !gO has done a very good job with this gacha; apart from the buttons (which are mostly hidden under my hair) there were no items I did not like.
She wears hair from Besom named Claws, which has a cat face mask. She says she thinks she moved it up. (Not rigged.)
The whiskers are from Whatever.

Love & Light,


How come that the things I like most turn out to be gacha items?

*Big sigh*

I saw this "Meow Gacha" made by !gO! and I just had to have one of the three RARE's
I spend quite some Lindens, but finally I got this awesome top (The Rare's include a skirt too)
with this cute kitten resting on my left breast. I just LOVE it!
I paired it with the denim skirt from !gO!, sold @ ShinyShabby event and the kitten Uggs made by Jian.
(Not visible on the picture; old group gift.)

Love, Light & Gachaluck,