zaterdag 30 juni 2018

Foods and thoughts......

It is sooo hot here in this part of the world.
Over 30 degrees Celcius and I worked today and yesterday.
So all I can think about is getting a shower and another one and.... another one.
As a result the wet look keeps inspiring me and here I am wearing such an awesome dress, that has a script inside that interacts with SL water: step out of the water and you have a wet look!

No worries, you dont have to have water near; you can also use the HUD for a constant wet look, a wet to dry look on time and use the towel for an instant dry look.

Awesome work Salt & Pepper!

Dress is in several colours/patterns, but I liked this one best.

Love and light and coolness (lol)

donderdag 21 juni 2018

XXX Event

Hi readers!

I got sooo frustrated by the TP failures to the SL 15 BD event that I stopped by the XXX event and I was not disappointed at all!
So many gifts there and steamy hot!

Dress and whip are a free gift from the XXX event and the phone is a gift @ Cosmopolitan event.
The key necklace is a special group gift from Mandala to celebrate Tempura sim birthday.
The CTRL-ALT-DEL rings are from DRD: they are not Bento, but just fitted the phone pose perfectly!

And I am celebrating the acceptance of the gender neutral backdrop @ Backdrop City!

Love & Light,

dinsdag 19 juni 2018

selfie hunt......

I always keep an eye on hunts when they give pictures of their gifts.
My favourite hunt this month is the selfie hunt, where I got this awesome surfboard pose prop. The option "photobomb" is hilarious: a shark pops up. You can change also the surfboard textures with the HUD. This all for only one Linden dollar. While you are doing this hunt: stop by Grumble too; the gift is really word the efford.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 15 juni 2018


I went to the We Love Roleplay event and saw this awesome jewellery set by Empyrean Forge.
It consists of Siren Bento Rings for both hands and a necklace.
Both Rings and Necklace have an awesome HUD in which you can change almost every part of the jewellery, to match your tail and top.
My dolphin friend is from Jian.

Love & Light

Be kind........Rewind!

I have been to the Rewind event and loved all the retro stuff.
I could not resist this super cute dress in retro print by Miss Chelsea, named Nell.
You buy the dress with one texture, so no HUD for texture changing.

Picture taken @Backdrop City.

Love & Light

donderdag 7 juni 2018

Fruit of the bloom.....

I hate gatcha!!

Did I tell you that I hate gatcha??

Today I went to the Arcade event and searched for theTableau Vivant gatcha, because it is cool hair and lets be honest.... every colour is great. I really dislike gatchas that have a VERY cool item in their Rares and stuff you dont want in their regulars. This is different.You get the hair every pull, but in one of the colour ranges.
This hair inspired me to do a complete natural look and wow I like it!

The rest of the outfit is secret...........

Pictures taken @ Tempura: Happy Birthday!

Love @ Light...