vrijdag 14 december 2018

Cute gift @ ChicChica

I always love their wearables:

This cute heart shaped light is a free gift.
I had to search for a while and found out it was just rezzed at the desk, so you are not looking for a vendor.

My thong is from Villena and part of a groupgift and my shirt is from Blueberry (old groupgift)
Socks are an advent gift from Vanilla Bae and my cute christmas lights and ornaments are from Candy Kitten.

Love and lots of christmas lights,

vrijdag 7 december 2018

Christmas is not restricted to Red and Green.

Let's do it the alternative way!

In purple and black!
The goth way but still festive.

Dress: Bossie, zippered latex.
Lamps: Una Christmas weird lights.
Power gloves: Massoom.
Boots: Vale Koer.
Antlers: Dark Antlers, old Circus Noir item.

Love & Light,

Dresscodes and perving hosts......

Yesterday I decided to visit a wellknown jazzclub again.

I had not been there in ages.
As I was standing around I got this IM:

HOST: Hello, Ms.! I hope you're having a lovely time! I just wanted to let you know that our dress code requires ladies wear underwear or some form of covering item when wearing dresses with openings such as yours. I know it can be an inconvenience, and I do apologize if you have felt offended!
ME: don't bother.
ME: I tped out.
ME: geez you zoomed in under my skirt.
ME: last time you will see me there.

This is really jawdropping. Later, dancing with a friend I told him what happened and his reaction was: "I can't see anything . . .so he had to be zooming in."
That was my last visit to that club.

Dress: United Colours.
Hair: No.match (groupgift)
Lamps: Moon Amore
Shoes: ChicChica

Love & Light

donderdag 6 december 2018

Yummmm donuts again!

Christmas donuts!

Two cool gifts in this picture.
The hair is a groupgift from No.Match (also a christmas themed hair for men) and the donut pose is a groupgift from Andika poses. They also give away  a couple pose based on the christmas theme.
Oh and the earrings were in the groupgift folder from No.Match too!

Thank you so much for these gifts: they are awesome!

Love & Light (and keep counting those calories)

dinsdag 4 december 2018

Store Mini Hunt.......

@ Belle Epoque !

When you TP there you can see a big sign with all the items you can hunt for and which number they have. Write down the ones you want and  hunt for the christmas balls. When you hover over the ball you found you will see what number it has. Is it on your list? Buy it for only L$ 10.
You will have to be in the group, but the group is also only L$ 10 to join.

Love & Light,

donderdag 29 november 2018

Rezz damn!

Oops sorry for the phrase! I will explain:

I have two Altamura avatars and I am having rezzing trouble with them. I am refreshing my appearance a dozen times and sometimes that even won't work. The texture on the face stays blurry. Does anyone have the same problem? What to do about it?
I also have Catwa heads, Lelutka heads and Genus heads and with them I never have that problem.
Anyway..... credits:
All gifts in here: the jacket with boa is an old groupgift from !gO!, the legging was a groupgift from Scandalize, sneakers were a lucky letter gift from AdN design and the pose was a huntgift from Fashiowl.

Love, Light and no rezzproblems,

dinsdag 27 november 2018


It is so nice to explore winter sims these days.....

Today I visited SNOW FALLS which is very well done: atmosphere that makes you put on your bodywarmer sitting inside blogging, so well done!
For now there are not many free places to take pictures, as it seems that whole the world has discovered this place at once, hahaha! but traffic will smooth down coming weeks when more winterlands are available, for sure.
I took Clumsy with me because, as you can see, his paw is still not any better (I am starting to think he might not recover, because I carry him around all the time under my warm puffy coat *winks*)
Anyway.... the credits:
My warm winter hat is a gacha item from !gO.
The puffer jacket is from SEUL and called Robyn.
My snowflake leggings are from Pixicat.
Last but not least: Clumsy was born @ Black Bantam before I adopted him.

So sorry Black Bantam, I posted it before with another shop name for the dog; giving Black Bantam the credits for my spoiled little dog now.

Love and Light,