vrijdag 17 augustus 2018

No Issue

I don't have trust issues, I just know better!

This hair from No.Match has summer written all over it. 
The hairband has a HUD with 12 patterns in colours that will match any outfit.
Sold @ this round of Cosmopolitan for only L$ 150/colour range.
Oh! While you are there, check the Cosmopolitan groupgift made by Mimikri: group is free to join.

Hair: No.Match: No.Issue, sold @ Cosmopolitan.
Outfit: Scandalize (Cynthia) (it was a gift outfit for another event, but I don't remember where)
Avatar: Altamura Valentina
Ferret: Lindenlab: in folder Petrol Sue.
Flamingo: JIAN

Love & Light

donderdag 16 augustus 2018


Today I went to the Equal10 event and look what I found:

I totally love the open shirt and pants, so I wanted to make a blogpost about it.
It is made by Gabriel and can be found at the event. (Not far from landing area.)
Made for Belleza and Signature, but worn on an Altamura body and it fits perfectly.

Your TAXI 

Love & Light,

dinsdag 14 augustus 2018

Frame yourself....

We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours.

I always loved United Colors, but somehow I always ended at the shop trying demo's and promising myself I'd buy it tomorrow.
Work...work...work.... (they should put RL on the banlist sometimes, LOL) 
Anyway.... I tped to the shop the other day and bought some outfits.
I am showing you the first one here.

Love & Light,

New release @ Cubura!

Look at the detail of the texture of this new Cubura Rayden top: it is amazing!

The Rayden top comes with a 25 color hud and has options to cover your bulge or leave the shirt normal.

And.............surprise! The butt is uncovered.

Top: Rayden by Cubura --->  taxi main shop and event taxi 

Hair: Quixotic by Shi

Love & Light,


I know....I know....

It's too late for Fifty Linden Friday, RL work got in the way.

Yet I still want to do this post, as the shorts I got make a set with the top I got a few weeks ago.
It is made by Cureless and still for sale, but not for L$ 50 anymore.
I really love this set, but I have to be honest: the shorts don't fit my Maitreya body like a glove.
Now and then my butt peeks through.

Love & Light,

vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

PACMAN, Angels and Sinners.....

We had a little shopping session apart from each other and surprise! What did we come up with?

Fallen Angel outfit (I left the "fallen" parts in the folder and only show the angel parts): a MM outfit @ AdN Designs.
The cute Angel dog is from Jian (Wonky Weenies gatcha Angel companion )
Hair: *TKW* David
Heels: Violent Seduction: Sakura Heels.
Halo: Halfdeer: Fairylight halo.

Hair: Boon Mae 005
Cock: Aeros (not visible)
Cuffs: Mesmerize Dungeon Rubber Cuffs v4
Eyes: Ikon Hazel
Nipples: NOCHE
Thong: ADN Leandro
Boots: Cubura Thomas
Earrings: SDesigns Patricia
Stockngs: Omega applier by Rosi
Dress: DL Bare Torso Dress

Love &  Light

maandag 6 augustus 2018

That cool orange jacket.....

I have an orange leather jacket in RL for quite some years now......

And I wanted one in SL too. I went to several shopping events and I bought a few demo's but I eventually ended @ Vale Koer Main Store, where I bought this awesome jacket with optional shirt.
(Shirt has a colour HUD). At an event I bought the skirt with two zippers from SEUL. I like it, but the  Maitreya one is not quite fitting, so I had to use my body HUD for some alpha.
I paired it with sneakers from AdN designs (not shown, but I want to share the reason why I bought them).
As I was looking for sneakers I found out that all shops were selling sneakers for at least > L$ 250, so I went to AdN and bought a whole oufit with cool sneakers for L$ 99!
My blogging frequency this week is on a minimum, as I am working 6 days in RL, but I will be back!

Love & Light,