dinsdag 15 oktober 2019

Speak of the devil.....

and he doth appear....
I know the devil theme comes around several times in my blog but heeey this is Halloween time!
Cute devil by the way, as this ruffled top and skirt (actually a dress, named Zina) is on sale for L$ 50/colour or pattern.
I am wearing the rainbow one in here but there are 13 other colours/patterns too choose from @ Tiar booth at the Redeux event.


This Skys Tiar legging is also only L$ 50/colour or pattern
I am wearing the Camo version, but there are 16(!) other colours and patterns.

Tiar @ Redeux
Tiar Main shop

There is nothing more valuable then good basics.

And these Mizzy rompers from TIAR which are now available at the Redaux event cover that completely.
They are loosely draped on the body, sexy to wear as onesie but also awesome to use as a basic for a themed outfit.
I chose the black one to build up a Halloween themed picture but there are so many options to choose from
The romper comes in fatpack in 18 different colours and patterns from black via camo to flowerish and cute!

Tiar @ Redeux
Tiar Main shop


woensdag 9 oktober 2019

Promises .... promises?

Noooo.. I am back!

I told you I was in a roleplay community and also busy in RL; but I promised I will be back when Halloween is here.
I was a good girl: I am back now already thanks to the aweseome gifts I found.
This hair is tricky but totally awesome: it is a groupgift by No.Match.
I tried this on an other avatar and that did not look good. Strange how it works sometimes.
But tricks and treats are Halloween theme.
I went on shopping and found this great chain body by Salt & Pepper: Halloween groupgift also Yaay!

Halloween is my favourite time of the year....
To be continued....

Love and darkness....

dinsdag 24 september 2019

Do you need a light?

I will be your LUCIFER!
I am still here but I am very much in a role play community at the moment.
Never far away.... only distracted.
Just light that lucifer!
See you @ Halloween! 

May the darkeness surround you and then i will be your LUCIFER!

dinsdag 10 september 2019

The Deadmore family.

Story of Even Moore Deadmore:

Hello I am Even.
My mom and dad named me that way, because I was the 4th child and I made the number even.
I am married to Mr. Moore, but it is a nightmare marriage.
First I was too young when I married, and secondly he plays mindgames with me.
He started to humiliate me until I believed myself I was less then any other being that exists.
After that he started to hurt me like splitting my tongue, because he did not want me to defend myself with words.
Now I can not speak anymore.
Then he started to study the occult and I suffered a lot of experiments which I won't write about.
Your imagination would not be extended enough to understand this level of evil.
One night I planned to escape back to my Deadmore family.
I planned it very well....... I thought.
I ALMOST succeeded.
I ended up with the ghost of his dead grandfather who was feared for his evilness watching over my shoulder all the time.
He took this picture of me and hurt me in a horrible way; let my blood drip on the picture, let it dry and now I am framed hanging above his bed as sign of his victory.
I am doomed.

(My entry in the DRD Deadmore family Contest... a lot lot of creative entries look HERE)

No love and only Darkness,
Fairy aka Even Moore Deadmore.

vrijdag 6 september 2019

Cyber Glasses

Here is your groupgift @ The Liaison Collaborative, these nice glasses!
Strangest thing is...... I wanted to leave the group for another group, but it said "unable to leave group".
I wonder why that is.
My "ruin horns" are from LovelyAlien and were a gift too; I don't remember at which occasion.

Hurry to TLC to get your Cyberglasses!

Love & Light,

The devil wears Astralia

Friday again!
That means I am going FLF-shopping and I totally fell for these awesome heels by Astralia.
They are in bloody and clean version.
While I was trying a demo at another FLF shop, Pure Poison, I saw this body as a groupgift.
It made me forget about the FLF dress completely and I went home  to make this picture, to be in time for you girls to get the stuff too!

Body: Pure Poison groupgift (group is free to join)
Shoes: Astralia FLF item
Hair: Tableau Vivant
Headband: Eclat
Devil tail: Sweet Thing
Fishnets: Villena