maandag 15 juli 2019

Nowhere in particular.

If I only could feel that free!

That is what Eckhart Tolle meant. I read his book "Living in the Present Moment" and I totally dig it.
It is just that we have adopted to plan stuff. It feels more secure. In fact plans prison us.

Anyway..... showing you some of the gifts from the DRD hunt here.
The hitchhiker sign with pose and the final gift (when you have found all the others): The backpack.
The shirt and shorts are a groupgift @ DM shop, which I blogged before.

Love, Light and freedom,

zaterdag 13 juli 2019

Talking about club standards again.......

I got thrown out of this bluesclub, because the owner thought she saw my nipples.
Her hostess had a name like fetishforyou or something. That was apparently OK.
The picture above shows my appearance at that time. I dont see nipples, do you?
"LGTBQ Furry & Noob Friendly" they say... place is moderate; in my opinion they have to change it to General!
This blogpost was not to post a nice picture, but just to make a statement.

Love and Light,

vrijdag 12 juli 2019

Daenerys and Tyrion

I discovered this amazing shop where you can buy all kinds of mesh/bento avatars/followers.
The prices are very friendly (for example you can buy a few "manga" avatars for only L$ 11!)
I could not resist this Tyrion bento avatar, which was a bit more expensive but still friendly priced.
Amazing job!

Tyrion avatar: Continue Mainstore
Wolf: Hilted- the Wolf Mid size (animesh)
Daenerys: Dress Zenith and dragons HEXtraordinary

Love & Light,

This week's FLF favourite!

Short post, so you can get the FLF item yourself in time too.
Defenitely my favourite FLF item was the Ramen soup attachement made by Tentacio!
There was also a make up bag attachement, but I liked this one better.
Other stuff that I am wearing are groupgifts to be found at DM shop (see the latest post on Fabfree blog)

Love & Light,

dinsdag 9 juli 2019

Vanity gifts!

All Vanity event gifts in this post!

Bodysuit: Meva Daddy (comes with top in folder)
Sunglasses: Dreamlight (comes with HUD for colours)
Backdrop: The bearded guy
Pose: Ebano poses (6 different poses with skateboard)

Ears: Mandala steaking ears
Hair : Shi Gavri'ella.

Love & Light

zondag 7 juli 2019

The Mermaid Cove

I went to the Mermaid cove event with my mermaid avatar and found out that there is more stuff for "legged" people.
So I went to the cove with my legged avatar and this great Ariel dress was my choice.
It is a good compromise: now I have the best of both worlds!

Ariel dress: SD @ Mermaid Cove Event
Fish in bag: {MB} @ SL 16th BD Event (gift)
Fishes around head: Barberyumyum (old FLF item)
Hair: Stealthic Dawn
Shoes: Blueberry Bonita
Starfish earrings: Yummy

Love & Light,

vrijdag 5 juli 2019

Save the bees!

The Jian Forest Fashion friends earrings (gacha item) inspired me to make a whole outfit, as I care deeply for the bees.
The outfit contains of Maitreya dress, wearable honey pot and bee emitter worn on shoulder.
The gacha earrings you have to try to win yourself.(Here)
Due to the conditions of the template maker, I sell this outfit for L$ 100.
IM me when you want it.

Love & Light,