woensdag 13 februari 2019

Breaking up........

DRD would not be DRD if they hadn't a different view on Valentines day.....

Their groupgift this month is the wearable "Breaking up Box" and I totally love it!
(And no.... no breaking up on my side *wink*)
DRD group is free to join.
Get your breaking up box HERE

Love & Light,

dinsdag 12 februari 2019

Love bird....

I got so inspired by Valentines day: Look!

The idea is very old: I sold my "Love Dove" as a Circus Noir item.
But the dove was an old sculpt: not looking good. The idea and the script was great though.
I put the script in a cute pink mesh bird and placed the letter in his beak. Thats where the script is in.

Got it from a friend?
Add it (it attaches to your right shoulder), click it and watch local chat.

Want to sent it to a friend?
Say in local chat
/989 "your message without brackets" 
Start each sentence with /989
If you want to erase the text then type /989 clear.

The bird is no copy and no modify.
Transfer only, so you can send it to your friend and he/she can send it back with an answer.

When you want the bird you will have to contact Fairy Fanshaw.


And ofcourse as always.....

Love & Light,

maandag 11 februari 2019

Screwed it.......

Yes I totally screwed up a good friendship in SL.

Can you believe that?
Just before Valentines day?
I won't give the details, but assuming he was "one of those guys" (you girls probably all know what kind of guy I mean) did it.
Mister "T" when you read this: lets get together on Valentines day (or sooner) and I will buy you a big box of chocolates! (winks)

Cupid is Stupid sweater Loki @ Love Bites Hunt
Hair [RA] @ Colabor88 (2 styles to wear and 2 photographic styles)
Legging: Addams

Love and Light

vrijdag 1 februari 2019

It's FLF again!

I am posting this really early to give you girls the chance to get it too!

This dress is the "Fifty Linden Friday" item @ Pixicat. See the picture/slurl in the Seraphim blog.
(I forgot to take a landmark.) It comes in brow/beige and black/white and I am defenitely in love with this dress!
Go get em girls!

Love & Light

woensdag 30 januari 2019

War is a Bug

Y'all know that I love to fly.......

Well my followers do at least.
Sooo I want to share this great shop with you, which has cute planes on the lucky chair and loads of funny and crazy stuff in the freebee shop. Not to mention the great games the sim owner made.
Check it out: WarBugs . You can rezz your plane there and practise  and do air fights with others!
Thank you Arduenn Schwarzman for this awesome sim!

Other credits:
Aviator cap retro: Cureless gacha
Headset: groupgift Dani's Airplanes
Puppy: Jian Scruffy Shepherds gacha

Love & Light

dinsdag 29 januari 2019

What have you done?

Let me tell you: I joined the Canimal group and got myself this groupgift:

There are three other groupgifts on the wall and 6 lucky boards.
The Canimal group is free to join, so you have to save a slot or leave an other free group.

Taxi: Canimal

Love & Light,

zondag 27 januari 2019

This weeks favourite.

Of Fifty Linden Friday's

This cute ruffled hearts top is bought at Le fil casse shop and my favourite of this week's FLF list.
It comes with a colour HUD for the ruffle.

Love & Light,