woensdag 12 juni 2019

More about conflicting animations.......

updating yesterdays post:

Talking about the Akeruka head versus my AO.
Problem "flap" has been solved. That were the teeth in my alpha-ed out head of the Altamura avatar I was wearing.
There was a teeth button I had to press and gone were my old tongue and teeth.(PHEW)
 But not all problems are gone.
There is one particular animation in my AO that  interfears with the AK tongue, when my fingers are close to my mouth.(With naughty animation activated.)
I always buy a freebee AO and delete the old animations, buy new ones @ Kuso (L$ 20/each for bento), put them in the AO and update the config card with the new animations.
It was one of Kuso's anims that conflicted with the tongue.
I love the head; it is amazing, but test your AO on fingers too close to the head as you don't want to skip the naughty animation, do you?

Love & Light,

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