vrijdag 10 augustus 2018

PACMAN, Angels and Sinners.....

We had a little shopping session apart from each other and surprise! What did we come up with?

Fallen Angel outfit (I left the "fallen" parts in the folder and only show the angel parts): a MM outfit @ AdN Designs.
The cute Angel dog is from Jian (Wonky Weenies gatcha Angel companion )
Hair: *TKW* David
Heels: Violent Seduction: Sakura Heels.
Halo: Halfdeer: Fairylight halo.

Hair: Boon Mae 005
Cock: Aeros (not visible)
Cuffs: Mesmerize Dungeon Rubber Cuffs v4
Eyes: Ikon Hazel
Nipples: NOCHE
Thong: ADN Leandro
Boots: Cubura Thomas
Earrings: SDesigns Patricia
Stockngs: Omega applier by Rosi
Dress: DL Bare Torso Dress

Love &  Light

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