vrijdag 7 december 2018

Dresscodes and perving hosts......

Yesterday I decided to visit a wellknown jazzclub again.

I had not been there in ages.
As I was standing around I got this IM:

HOST: Hello, Ms.! I hope you're having a lovely time! I just wanted to let you know that our dress code requires ladies wear underwear or some form of covering item when wearing dresses with openings such as yours. I know it can be an inconvenience, and I do apologize if you have felt offended!
ME: don't bother.
ME: I tped out.
ME: geez you zoomed in under my skirt.
ME: last time you will see me there.

This is really jawdropping. Later, dancing with a friend I told him what happened and his reaction was: "I can't see anything . . .so he had to be zooming in."
That was my last visit to that club.

Dress: United Colours.
Hair: No.match (groupgift)
Lamps: Moon Amore
Shoes: ChicChica

Love & Light

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