woensdag 19 februari 2020

Get Lucky (Daft Punk)

For now most of my internet problems are solved, but as they are building this year in this area you never knows what will happen.

Anyways....this sassy dress is completely free @ Vision clothing if you have patience (the chain goes with it). The lucky letters last 10 minutes and the outfits skip each time between 5 different outfits. There are 3 lucky boards.
My hair can be found @ Tram and the glasses are an old Circus Noir item.

Love & Light,

dinsdag 18 februari 2020

Internet & Security problems

Bear with me, after an internet outage of a day the network is down... some sites don't recognize me anymore... I am now on Wifi somewhere. So I might not post for a while.

Armageddon Groupgift

This complete survival outfit, with shoes and backpack (not showing here) is a groupgift in the Armageddon group.
I saw it in the Third Life group, but it is given away with their own (free) group.
I was somewhat surprised when I landed there; it looks like a mix between a church and a club, with  flickering, scrolling boards with sayings from the bible, a dancefloor, bar and lucky chairs on the sides.Never seen such a place in SL. Anyway, they are very generous with a groupgift and 10 lucky chairs.

Love & Light,

donderdag 13 februari 2020

Valentines hunt at Scandalize and LSR

Search for red hearts at Scandalize and LSR for red outfits. The hunt is completely free when you are in their groups. The hearts are easy to find and I found at 18 hearts at Scandalize and 10 at LSR, but I might have not found all of them.
My Kiss earrings are a group gift from Oheme.
In the background is the free artwork of Cherry Manga and my stockings are from Nanika.

Love and Light,

dinsdag 11 februari 2020

Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on.

Yessss after quite some months waiting  at LUAS lucky letter board I finally got the dress I wanted. (*Removes her sleeping bag from the shop*)
Luas has two lucky letter boards, but each letter takes a long time (never figured out how long, but my guess is 15 mins) plus they dont have "1-9" as one lucky letter, but as each individual number.
This dress includes the rope harness and is completely free after a group join fee of L$ 50 (and there are also a number of group gifts to collect after that).
My background ( I wouldn't name it backdrop) is totally free also and I got it at the shop of Cherry Manga. She makes amazing moving/static art work which are full perm, so creators can learn and create more (hence the title and the letters in the background).
I put some of them on a platform I painted black and set environment settings on midnight et voila!
Fluffy handcuffs with Key are from Dots shop and can be bought at a shopping event going on now. (Sorry forgot which one.)

Love & Light,

zondag 9 februari 2020

Gotto Love Valentines Day!

Oh my... my... Belle Epoque did it again!
They have a 10 L$ hunt in their shop, which is awesome.
I am wearing a pixie-ish dress and i mixed/matched it with wings  from another hunt outfit.
My cute pixi-ish shoes are from the Shop and Hop event and are free at the Caverna Obscura booth.
My necklace is from the XOXO hunt and can be found at Lassitude & Ennui shop. All you have to do is say "xoxo" in local chat and see if you won the item. If not you can always buy it for L$ 50.
My sweet valentines pug which has at a bit to much for his tiny wings to keep him up was a FLF item @ JIAN.
Last but not least: the pose was a gift from Infinity at the Shop & Hop event too.

Love & Light,

donderdag 6 februari 2020

I love Roleplay!

This title might surprise my readers as I did a post on roleplay about a year ago saying I hated it.
A few months later during exploring I landed at a roleplay community and there was a very  nice man showing me the (beautifull) sims and I decided to give it a go. After two roleplay lessons I totally fell in love with it and all the "going- to- club stuff" what I did before is extremely dull now in my eyes.
OK this was a long introduction to what I am wearing: Belle Epoque made my favourite outfit at the "I love Roleplay" event. It comes in several skirt colours, but not with a HUD. You just buy the colour you like best. (Fatpack HUD's are mostly more expensive and there is always one colour you like best.... you imagine this skirt in pink..... YUK no!)
My hair is conflicting with the top of the dress though, but I don't see myself wearing short hair with a "medieval"-ish outfit.... so let it be. Even busty long hairdo's will conflict, be aware of that.
Other than that this is an amazing outfit.

Also wearing:
Leg and feet ropes: Moon Elixir
Grey wolf companion: JIAN
Hair: Catwa

Love & Light