zaterdag 27 juni 2020

What happened?

The only site that I feed with my posts is "I heartsSL" and that site stopped showing pictures for about a week now. So until that is fixed I will not post anymore. Whats the use of posting a nice outfit and the people can't see the picture? When I click the "read more" I am guided to the original post and there I see pictures b.t.w., but I dont think people will have the patience to click that at every post. (I certainly haven't!)
Goodbye for now and stay safe!

Love and Light,

donderdag 18 juni 2020

Vintage Fair.

DRD Made the vintage fair possible and the place looks great.... bit desertlike. All builds are from DRD and are sold by them in their booth near the landing.
I am wearing here the 70's platform shoes and socks which have a HUD where you can make the most crazy combinations. Even texture one sock differently then the other.

Also wearing:
Cute bitch Romper by 1 Hundred in the Women Only Hunt.
Rose face mask by Nanika: group gift.
Hair: Besom Toltec.

Love, Light and Health...

maandag 8 juni 2020

I take you with me........

On an imaginary plane and you land in INDIA!

I went to Tlalli event today and this outfit made by LuLu cought my eye.
It is very complete: not only the outfit shown, but also the jewellery is in the folder!
After that I went looking for a pose/prop that has an India touch and finally found it at Creative Stylez. You can find it at the Unik event.
I show only two of them but there are many more in the folder; also there is a rezzable and a wearable version of each of the poses.
The hair is a Free Dove gift from Escalated.

Love, Health and Namaste....

woensdag 27 mei 2020

Thank you

A blogpost to say thank you to some designers and to one in special!
I dusted off my freebee avatar again and took her online sniffing around for freebees.
My roleplay avie noticed on Discord channel a post of a new shop and I have a thing for new shops.
So my freebee Queen tped there and the owner was there saying I was her first visitor and she offered me to choose one item for free!
My choice is this so funny "take away baby fern" attachement.
Ofcourse I forgot to make a landmark, but the shop owners name is Colorfuel (sarralie). Shop's landmark is in her profile. There is a nice gift waiting for you there!

Other credits: top and undies Sass groupgift april (Maitreya fitted but I wear it with my TMP free body) Hair Besom Toltec (New!) Earrings Static Illuminatus.

Love, Light and stay healthy!

woensdag 20 mei 2020


How I love the feeling when it all comes together what you had in your head!
I TPed to this Cocoon Cyberpunk Roleplay sims and fell in love with it.
My mind was fixed on being a Cyborg when I read all the roles available, so I had quite a search for the right outfit.
There are a few shops that always pop in my mind when I think of Cyberpunk and that are CerberusXing and Curemore.
At Curemore I got very exited about the "Selenopolis" Gacha, took a deep breath and started the game.
The boots were at the 4th pull, but the RARE robotical arms and chest took all my lindens *pouts*
But i totally love this look!

Love, Light and Health,

zaterdag 16 mei 2020

The Giant BDSM Collaborative Hunt

Here for you again with some awesome cheapies and freebies.
As the title says there is this hunt going on at various BDSM sims and I was curious what kind of gifts they give.
The hunt prim is a whip and you purchase it for 0 L$, so that sounds like a great deal.
You can get all the information HERE
This dress is the Delicia Monica outfit and it is in a soft orange...almost peach kind of colour; very nice.
I had a bit trouble to find my right fit as I am wearing the free TMP body here, but Freya fitted best.
This location has tons of fabfree stuff to offer.
My daisy bag/wreath and mouth attachement was a FLF item at Tentacio and my Jack Russel dog is in the Saturday Sale @ JIAN.

Love, Light and Health,

donderdag 7 mei 2020

Gacha Day

Redeux Express is having a new round of discounted stuff!
My first stop was at !dM for the Cassia gacha, which is 38 L$/pull.
I specificly wanted the purple colour (which is common) and guess how long it took me?
I had the RARE necklace and staff (shame the staff has no hand pose, so I was throwing it around with my AO) before I got the purple one, but OK gacha is gacha.
Why did I want the purple version? Well Junbug is joining this round too with this great feathered crown.
It can be purchased for L$ 50 in purple gold or in purple silver. Now it makes sense I wanted purple right?

Love, Light and Health,